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How British Staycations Are Improving Business For B&B Owners In Devon

Devon is one of the most primary counties in England. As a matter of fact, it is the third largest city with two coastlines. Both North and South Devon are visited by locals as well as foreign tourists annually. This has paved way to the development of various holiday accommodations in the Devon area. If you are planning a trip at Devon, you should first consider the accommodation you will need. When it comes to holiday accommodation, there are so many options to choose from including hotels, apartments and of course bed and breakfasts.


Devon vacations come in different forms be it a holiday, business trip, active break, honeymoon and so on. There are various factors to look for when searching for Devon accommodation such as the comfort, privacy and sanitation. For many years, hotels have been the number one choice when it comes to Devon holidays. However, nowadays the tourism of Devon has greatly improved their bed and breakfast industry.

The Improvement In B&B's

Bed and breakfasts are now one of the most popular choices when it comes to great accommodation in Devon. They offer affordable rooms in a favourable setting. If you want to explore the top family destinations in Devon, then you should choose accommodation situated in the northern part of Devon.

The Business End

British staycations are known to improve the overall condition and outcome of many bed and breakfast businesses in and around Devon. As you should know, B&B has been the most popular choice of Brits, second only to hotels. With the increasing rates of hotels many people, especially those who are in a tight budget, think of better ways to come up with budget friendly accommodation. This is where bed and breakfasts come into their own. It is a proven fact that B&B's are more affordable than hotels. Aside from that, they offer a relaxed country style setting. They really are your home away from home.

With the convenience, comfort, and affordability offered by bed and breakfasts, more and more tourists prefer to stay there as opposed to a hotel. The government of Devon has seen this trend, so the tourism industry of Devon is exerting more effort to significantly improving the condition of its accommodation industry, especially bed and breakfasts.

Why Stay In A B&B?

Friendly Service

It is a thought my many that bed and breakfasts offer a friendlier service compared to that of hotels and apartments. The hospitality is truly evident and this is one of the prominent reasons why Devon strongly promotes its B&B businesses.

Homely Ambiance

If you are in search for accommodation that offers a homely feel then a bed and breakfast would be the perfect choice for you. Brits just love to stay in a places that make them feel like they are in their own home. A hotel makes you feel like you are in a completely new dimension. If you want to retain the right ambiance, then you should definitely stay at a B&B. It has all the amenities you can find in your own home. As a matter of fact, it offers mouth-watering breakfasts every day to all their guests. Many companies strive to be the best, and to make you want more.

The author of this article, Alice Cruz owns a small B&B situated in the heart of Devon. She has been managing her business for more than 9 years now and she is deeply satisfied with the income she generates. If you're interested in setting up your own bed and breakfast simply visit this site

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