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Hiring The Right Contractor for Your Project

architectsWhether you are remodeling your business or building a whole new office or store front, you’ll need a good contractor to oversee the project and deliver the results you need.

Hiring the right contractor can mean the difference between getting quality results or winding up with a shoddy structure, between coming in under budget or spending way more than you wanted to, or between getting your project done on time or delaying your opening by months.

You have dozens of options for contractors for your commercial project. Here area few tips for finding the right one:

Get multiple bids

Not only will this help you to find the best price for your project, but it will also help you to talk to more contractors so you can find the one that’s right for the job. Talk to at least three contractors, if not more, and get your bids in writing.

Interview each contractor

Ask them important questions such as how long they’ve been in business and what kind of experience they have. More experienced contractors are likely to perform better. You should also find contractors who have experience with the type of job you want done. This is especially important with commercial projects, which are typically larger and more complex jobs.

Be sure to also ask questions about how work will be conducted, whether the contractor will hire out subcontractors or use a work crew, how changes will be handled, and more.

Make sure their insurance is in order

Depending on the type of job and where you live, this can include liability insurance, property damage insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for the employees. Verify the certificate of insurance and the amount of coverage with your state’s licensing agency.

Check some references

Search agencies such as the Better Business Bureau to check for a record of customer complaints or actions taken against the contractor. Search for online reviews to find out what customers are saying. Ask the contractor for references and call some of those former clients.

Agree on a time table

There’s no way to know for certain that the contractor will come through on time until the deadline is upon you. However, you can start your relationship off right by discussing milestones for the project and establishing a communication schedule.

For example, you might meet weekly to review progress and to discuss what changes are necessary, if any, as you go along.

Get everything in writing

Contractors will promise you the moon when they are trying to get the job. After they’re hired, they can start to fall behind, to tell you that certain things won’t be possible, or to change the price of the project. Be sure you get everything in your agreement in writing, including a time table, a materials list, communications schedule, and more.

There are never any guarantees when you hire professionals for your commercial construction project. However, following these simple tips can help you find the right person to complete the job professionally, on time and on budget.

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