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Conveyancing – Get the Ownership Title Transferred Easily on Your Name

The process of transferring the ownership of a legal title of a property or land from one person to another is known as conveyancing. Generally, it includes only two major phases which are an exchange of contracts and completion of the contract. It is a legal requirement which is done in writing. If you want to buy or sell a property, then you need to hire a reputed conveyancing firm. They are not only preparing all your documents, but they can also find out the disputes of the property if needed.

The three stages of Conveyancing are as follow:

  1. Before the contract
  2. The signing of the contract
  3. Completion of the contract

So, conveyancing firm can complete your property deal without any problem, and they can prepare all your documents for buying or selling the property. Even they can also assist you to get the loan for buying the property. This work is done by a financial consultancy and a conveyancing firm can suggest you some financial institutes for buying the property only.

What are the workings areas of a Conveyancer?

A conveyance is a person who executes this process. In other terms, he is a qualified and a licensed person whose task is to share advice, information, and details about the property. He is also engaged with the task of performing the documentation. He is liable to ensure the settlement of the two parties. It is not important that a conveyancer needs to be a lawyer.


The reasons why a Conveyancer is involved in the Conveyancing Process are as follow:

  1. Buying of land
  2. Selling of a land
  3. Division of land into two or more parts
  4. Registration of death of a person
  5. Removing of any easement
  6. Changing or registering an easement

Services provided by a Conveyancing firm:

A conveyancer needs to perform a task for both the buyer and the seller. He cannot perform a task for only one party it will be against the rules.

The tasks to be performed are:

For the buyer:

  • He needs to prepare the contract of sale.
  • He needs to do a good research about the property.
  • He must lodge through all the documents.
  • Put the deposit money.
  • Calculate the bargaining and negotiations.
  • Act on the behalf of the buyer to settle the property.

For the seller:

  • He needs to ensure that all the legal documents are sorted without any mistake.
  • Act on behalf of the seller and put forward the requests to extend the dates.

The tips for finding a good Conveyancer:

To get the conveyancing process totally cleared you to need to hire a very good and trustworthy conveyancer. The tips for hiring a good conveyancer are as follow:

  1. Your conveyancer should be qualified so that he can handle any situation. He or she should be experienced enough to have clear ideas about the property issues.
  2. Before choosing a solicitor, you should always ask his or her fees. You should never make a move before asking for the fees of any professional. Keep your payment agreement transparent to avoid chaos in the future.
  3. Go for a local solicitor so that you can have an individualized touch. You should be very comfortable with your local conveyancer to complete the process of conveyancing smoothly. You can easily get in touch with them anytime and discuss your requirements with them.
  4. You should always check the background of your solicitor. You should have known about his past records whether he was able to complete the process or not. For collecting information about your solicitor, you can visit their profile or website.

You should always consult your friends, family members and especially your lawyer before hiring any conveyancer. Else you can search for them online.

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