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Consider These Points Before You Say YES To Any Deals On Homes For Sale

house-and-palmiersIt is a common practice to get a home inspected, before you purchase it. You really need to know if the foundation is soid, if termintes are present or if the house has an mold issues. You don't want to take on the problems of the previous owner without knowing. A certified inspector will provide a checklist that includes if the wiring is done properly, if there are any leakages or plumbing issues, if the roofing is in proper condition, etc. You must get this done within the option period, or first 5-10 days of the contract period.

However, there are many other things that you will need to consider before purchasing your dream home. These factors do not fall under the regular home inspection criteria, and and quite often get overlooked due to the excitement of viewing homes for sale.

Let us look at a few of them:

Size of the rooms-The size of the rooms should be suitable enough to accommodate your lifestyle and also your furniture sizes. You might have to take some measurements to see if the room sizes are appropriate for your type of living.

Size of the windows and their placements-This is a very important aspect to ensure that you get proper ventilation, and fresh air flows into your home. Resizing and repositioning of windows will be very expensive, if you have to do it after buying the house.

Flow of natural light-Generally homeowners might show you their home with all the doors and windows open. However, you will need to know if you get sufficient light, even when the doors are closed.

It would also depend upon the orientation of your homes. Maximum natural light falls inside the homes that have most of the windows and balconies facing south. The amount of lighting that falls inside your house will also affect your heating and cooling utility bills. If you are living in warm climatic conditions, then facing windows north can help you in getting cooler homes.

Consideration based on regional weather condition – If you are living in cold conditions, then you will surely want your home to have covered entrances and driveways, so that it is easy to shovel. Also, you will need attached garage, instead of a standalone one.

Driveway size – It can be a big disappointment to you, if your narrow driveway does not allow your car to pass though, after you purchase your home. Similarly an oversized driveway would mean additional maintenance expenses.

Length and steepness of staircase – You will need to consider this factor if you have elderly people in your home, or if you are planning to become old and retire there.

Laundry room-Since it is the room that you will be using frequently, your life will be a lot easier if it is located close to the living area.

Number of bathrooms and toilets – The home that you buy he should have enough number of bathrooms to meet the requirements of your family. It is expensive to add them later.

In addition to the above mentioned points, you will also need to check if your neighborhood is suitable to raise your kids. Is it a high traffic area? Do they have a playground or communal area for kids to roam? Can they walk to their school?

Privacy is also an important issue. Is your home sheltered by trees or shrubbery? If you look out of all the windows of the home, can you see into your neighbors home? If so - they can see you.

These are all important things to consider before buying signing a contract to purchase your next home.

If you have any questions, please ask below!