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Case Study – #1 Realtor in Brea, CA

Darryl Jones of the Darryl & JJ Jones Real Estate Team grew up in Brea, California. He’s been selling real estate there for 50 years, and is by far the top selling Brea realtor®. We thought we’d analyze and discuss a few of the reasons why he’s so far ahead of the pack.

  1. Photos of Him Involved In the Community

Darryl has a long list of the community events he’s supported over the years, and the Professional and Community Organizations he belongs to. They include national and a number of state-wide real estate industry associations, as well as local Brea boosting organizations.

He belongs to the Brea Rotary club and has a number of photos of him with local Brea celebrities such as Police Chief Jack Conklin, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Brea’s Building & Safety Manager Gabriel Linares, and the President & CEO of the Brea Chamber of Commerce Heidi Gallegos. These photos are real life proof to complete strangers that come to his website that he has been accepted by the community. That means he’s trustworthy. This is a very important concern to visitors who come to his website from Google, and one of the reasons he’s the top Brea realtor®.

  1. He Asks For Testimonials

Darryl had over one hundred 5-star reviews across Google, Zillow, and Yelp. He asks every happy client and he’s good at it. I’m sure you realize video testimonials are by far the most powerful. So does Darryl. But many people are shy about being live on camera. So Darryl just asks them to show him their five second Happy Dance, or just yell out “Thanks, Darryl”.

And of course many people do. It’s much easier to do that than say something profound that’s 1 or 2 minutes long. So he gets a lot of testimonials and a lot of video testimonials. You can see some of them on his website at

  1. Free Home-Staging for Every Home

Homes listed with Darryl sell 60% faster for 8.85% more money. We’re confident one of the reason he’s the top Brea realtor is that he provides free professional home-staging for every client. And he has a couple short but informative videos on his website demonstrating everything they do, and the tremendous difference between before and after the home has been staged.

Sponsoring Community Programs

Darryl also sponsors a number of high profile programs designed to raise community spirit. For the return in increased stature and visibility in the community they cost him very little. Here are some of them:

  1. Scholarships to Local High School

Darryl Jones grew up in Brea, and is a 1982 graduate of Brea-Olinda High School himself. He awards three scholarships annually to local high school students who exemplify good work ethic and excellent behavior. The final decision is made by a panel of school counselors and are awarded at the Brea- Olinda High School senior’s awards night.

Two of the scholarships valued at $1,500 each are awarded to students who are planning on attending college. The third scholarship valued at $1,000 is given to a student who is going to be learning a trade. Students can find out more information and apply for the scholarships right on

  1. Free “I LOVE BREA” T-shirts

Darryl got T-shirts printed with “I LOVE BREA” on the front and his name and logo on the back. He’s given away hundreds of free “I LOVE BREA” T-shirts. He offers them in either pink or blue, and there are a number of different sizes of each. There are no restrictions. Any resident of Brea, CA can have a free I LOVE BREA T-shirt for the asking. They just fill out a short form on his website.


Darryl and his mother JJ brought this program to Brea to recognize and reward the best businesses in their city. The awards are given out annually by the BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS Foundation. The selection criteria are:

  • The business will be nominated by a person separate from their company.
  • Winners must be local businesses who have operated for more than 1 year.
  • Winners must have a reputation for being friendly and provide consistent quality products or service.
  • Have reviews on Google or Yelp with a good ratio of positive to negative.
  • Have a functional website with happy customer testimonials.

All the winners of these prestigious awards take an active part in Brea and go a long way to build and increase community spirit. In return Darryl provides a nice looking logo they can put on their website to show they’ve won as well as a great deal of free publicity.

In 2017 Darryl recognized 60 Brea businesses that exceeded customer expectations and are outstanding members of the community.

As you can see, Darryl Jones has worked hard for a long time to become the most well-known and successful Brea realtor®. His techniques can be used in any market in the United States.

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