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Benefits of Luxury Communities

luxury-houseLuxury. The word itself embodies the notion of the good life. Indeed, once a person reaches a financial level where they can afford the finer things in this world, new concerns come into play. This goes beyond which sports cars to buy or which country club to attend and comes down to something more important: where to live. Yes, immense personal wealth means many options for where to reside. And just one of these options is a luxury community.

The biggest question many people have when considering moving into a luxury community is whether it is worth leaving the freedom of public areas, such as cities or suburbs. The reality is that luxury community living offers untold freedoms those on the outside rarely hear about. The below list aims to shed light on some of the freedoms and benefits that come with luxury community living.


By far one of the most well known incentives to living in a luxury community is the security these areas provide. Indeed, most luxury communities outsource their security needs to top-tier private firms that specialize in maximizing community safety. That means residents can live peacefully - as well as with piece of mind. There are few major metropolitan areas where it is completely safe to take a stroll outside one's home after midnight, but this is the reality in most luxury communities.


Luxury community living isn't merely about high walls — what's behind those walls is important as well. Luxury communities are designed with far more than the homes in mind. They are fully planned communities designed to give residents a whole lot to be excited about.

For example, luxury communities often incorporate many acres of lakes onto their grounds as well as parks and even forested areas. Many contain hiking and bike trails, and it isn't uncommon to find giant swimming complexes or even water parks. And, of course, most luxury communities often surround prime golf courses with world-class country clubs.

Surrounding area

But luxury communities aren't merely designed with the internal in mind - the outlying areas are just as important. To this end, most luxury communities are situated near prime shopping areas, as well as minutes from the best schools of a particular community. That means residents never have to venture far to enjoy the finger things their city or town has to offer.

Social life

It isn't called a community for nothing. One of the benefits of living in a communal atmosphere such as this is the ability to make new friends. Most luxury communities encourage this so much that they organize weekly and monthly lifestyle activities, such as movie nights, pool parties and BBQs. And with no shortage of new friends, there's always someone to feed those pets when it's time to take off on that annual vacation.

These are just a few things to keep in mind for those who are thinking of making the jump from private residence to luxury community. The benefits are many, the drawbacks few. It's up to the discerning homeowner to decide if the good life is right for them.

Joe Fern is a real estate specialist in the area of Perth, For Luxury Home Builders Perth is his city of focus.

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