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A Guide to Moving With Children

Moving-With-KidsFor many children, moving is their first experience in dealing with major change. With all the tasks you already have to balance during the moving process, making sure your kids handle it well can make it that much more difficult. With all the tasks you already have to balance during the moving process like hiring a moving company like Mayflower and packing on time, making sure your kids handle it well can make it that much more difficult. Follow this guide to help give your children a positive moving experience:

Get everyone on the same page

There's no need to notify your children about the possibility of a move until the decision has been made. Once you're sure, have a family meeting to get everybody on the same page. Moving is a difficult prospect for young children. Though you've likely bounced around a few times in your life, everything your child has ever known is rooted in your home and neighborhood. If you're moving a few towns over, stress to your children that the new home is close by, and they will still be able to see their friends and enjoy their favorite local attractions. If the move is further away, ensure your kids that the change is for the better and stress the positives of what's to come.

Selecting the right time to move

Moving with kids will be challenging no matter when you do it, but the time of year you decide to move can affect how tough it really is. Consider your child's school schedule. Some experts say it's best to move over summer so as not to interrupt the school year, while others say it's best to do it during the year so your child can meet his new classmates immediately. Depending on the reason for your move, you may not have a choice in the timing, but if you do, think about which option would make your child more comfortable.

Dealing with furniture and toys

The items in your child's room are an important part of their young identity. Just like their friends and school, these things represent the familiarity of your home. When packing these things up, make sure your child understands that they are not being thrown away, but rather making the trip with you. Most of your child's bedroom furniture will likely be moved into the new home as well, so once you get there, try arranging it similar to how it was in the old home. It might make the adjustment process a little bit easier.

Throw a going away party

Depending on the distance of your move, this could be the last time in a while that your children will be able to hang out with their friends. Goodbyes are difficult, but a going away party can turn goodbyes into a happy occasion. For your children, it will provide one last celebration of life in your hometown with the friends they are closest with. Not to mention you, the parents, will be able to say farewell to the friend's you've made over the years.

Entertain the kids on moving day

Seeing your home packed away into a truck can be too emotional for a young child to handle, so find them something to do away from the house on moving day. A movie, bowling, or a round of mini golf can be fun activities to put your child's mind at ease. If you and your spouse both need to be there to help out the movers, perhaps have them spend the day with a friend or a family member until the bags are packed and you're ready to hit the road. Now you have a guide on how to move with kids and how to make there experience and yours a positive one.

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