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A Completely 3D Printed Village - from Fiction to Fact

3d-farmWith the world of technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, almost unbelievable things are happening. The world of 3D printing is such a thing. How does it feel to see a few raw materials being dumped in a printer and then see a whole structure, such as a vehicle or even a house, come out of it? This is no more a dream or a scene from a science fiction movie. It's true now. And driving on it, new cities are being constructed with such 3D printed houses. This might sound weird, but the 3D printed houses are being designed to be a part of the city.

A Village of 3D Printed Houses

All the houses in a village straight out of the 3D printers! This is all set to be true within a short time. The houses in the village are being going to be designed in line with the basic planning of the village. So, each house will have a spot of its own. And it will be placed right there. The construction of the house will be done in such a way that it fits the spot perfectly. Within a short time, different corners of the area is going to be covered by houses - all coming out from the 3D printers. And a 3D printed village will be ready.

Benefits of Using 3D Printed Materials

But why would someone like to have 3D printed houses in a village? Well, there are several benefits that can be churned out of the process of 3D printing.

  • Construction in no time at all
  • Perfectly bespoke designs

The most important one, of course, is the little time needed to build it. At a time when people hardly have time to share, it's really great to find that a whole village can be constructed within a single day. Thus, a 3D printed village can be a perfect solution for solving accommodation problems within the shortest possible time.

Building Layers after Layers

Buildings churned out of 3D printers are usually constructed in a specific manner. It's not like you would see the whole building come out of the printer a few moments after putting in the raw materials there. Instead, the houses are constructed layers after layers. This surely makes a great view to see the house being built slowly from raw materials. And with the use of concrete for these 3D printed houses, they are also as durable as any other house.

Designs According to Your Plans

The 3D printed houses can have just the type of design you wish. But when you are planning to build a village of such houses within a short time, the focus is more on time. So, the efforts are primarily aimed at creating the whole village within a single day. So, the 3D printed houses for villages are usually not the best to look at. But they are one of the best ways to help in the process of accommodation. With hundreds of houses being constructed in just a single day, these villages made of the 3D printed houses are likely to be the best places for accommodating homeless people. So, it's not about design, but more about solving the accommodation issue for the majority of the population. And it's primarily for the poor people who are homeless.

Different Things that can be Customized

Many things need to be decided when a 3D printed village is in the planning stage. For example, the design of the houses can be determined keeping in mind the plan of the village. Besides, the materials used for creating the houses can also differ. While several companies engaging in the construction of such buildings prefer lightweight materials, there are several companies, which use concrete for this purpose as well. Besides, many of these buildings are also made even from glasses and fiber, which give them an amazing appearance. So, the look of the houses can differ depending on the materials as well.'

The concept of 3D printed village is soon to become a reality. Audrey Rudenko, a Russia-born US architect based out of the United States, had earlier created a castle with the help of a 3D printer. And he is now looking for a locale to create a 3D printed village. Once this becomes a reality, it will be a landmark achievement that will set the trend to help solve housing problems across the world.

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