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7 Traits to Avoid in a Real Estate Agent

frferferWe’ve all heard stories about wonderful real estate agents who are really there for their clients; and if you’re buying or selling a home, this is likely something you want to experience. But do you know how to separate the best agents from the worst? There are a few things you should know before you hire any agent, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. Some of the top tips to keep in mind when finding the right real estate professional are shared below. So check them out and see how they can make your decision process easier!

1. Unresponsive Agent

If you’re working with an agent who suffers from the “Starbucks” syndrome, then you’re likely to run into a lot of issues with them. Unfortunately not every agent is created equal and some of them are more willing to go out of their way while others like to comfortably sip away at their lattes and wait for things to work out themselves. It’s quite possible that a part time agent can work more passionately for you than a full-time Realtor.

You want to work with an agent who is willing to jump on new listings in your search area, show your home to buyers quickly and help you negotiate deals at any time. If they are not able to demonstrate to you that you are the priority in their lives then it’s very likely they won’t be there when you really need them.

2. They Aren’t Experienced With Your Home Choice

Whether you’re buying or selling, you need to work with an agent who has experience with your home choice. That’s because properties like townhouses or condos are far different from single-family homes and require different approaches. Ask your agent if they are experienced with your property choice to make sure they can adequately help you.

3. They Aren’t Detail-Oriented

When it comes to real estate, the details are everything. That’s why it’s crucial to have an agent who keeps track of the details of your home transaction. They need to make sure paperwork is filed on time with either a purchase or a sale, and that all conditions have been satisfied. Examples of some details they should keep track of include:

– No liens on the home

– Buyers have been pre-approved

Home appraisal has been done

– Home inspection from an outside party has been done, and issues have been worked out

– Contract terms have been discussed and approved

4. They Aren’t Realistic With The Selling Price

If the agent you’re talking with suggests selling your house for the highest possible price, they may be setting you up for disappointment. That’s because if your home is priced too high, other homes are going to sell and you’re going to be sitting on the market for an extended length of time.

5. They Aren’t Familiar With Your Neighbourhood

Don’t be afraid to find an agent who is familiar with YOUR neighborhood. This can help make sure you buy or sell at the right price.

6. They Don’t Work With Homes in Your Price Range

Find an agent who has worked with homes in your price range. For example, don’t hire a luxury agent who normally works with $5 million homes when you’re going to purchase one for $200,000.

7. Don’t Have a Strong Website Presence

Nowadays nearly 100% of home buyers begin their quest online to search for a new home. Sellers need to make sure that the agent is marketing their listings through media that is being noticed up by buyers.

Find out ahead of time what the agent had done in the past online. With a simple Google search, you can identify some of the social media channels where you can find them and gain perspective on how they are keeping up with new marketing trends. If you can’t find them online, it’s very likely that your home isn’t going to be promoted in the best possible way.

Selecting the right agent to work with is imperative to avoid making a mess of your real estate plans. Often it’s best to hire someone by referral and as being a mortgage broker, I had seen my good share of good and bad Realtors. If you need someone that you can trust with one of your live’s most important decision, be sure to ask around and cross check the above points before selecting your next real estate agent.


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