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7 Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Self Storage

Once you have decided to rent a self-storage unit, there are certain things you should know in the first place. One such thing is to visit the self-storage facility (or facilities if you have to choose from 2 or 3 different self-storage facilities) – this will make sure you’re happy with the visible security features and the appearance. You should have a chat with the property manager or the concerned person who manages the property of the self-storage facility and ask the below-mentioned questions. Certainly, you’ll want to ensure that you make the right choice for your requirements.

Do you provide insurance?

Typically, storage facilities don’t provide insurance for the contents stored in their units. However, it is recommended to insure your goods you’re planning to store inside a self-storage unit. First, you need to check with your insurance agent or company as at times your homeowner’s/ renter’s policy will cover you so you don’t have to take an extra insurance for the goods kept in the storage units.

What kind of security do you provide?

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When deciding the storage facility one of the overlooked aspects is security, which is one of the vital questions that you need asking the storage facility before choosing it.

  1. Is there good fencing all around the whole property?
  2. Is the self-storage building in good condition?
  3. Is there a proper entry point with access gate?
  4. Are there security cameras installed at the right places all through the property?
  5. Are dedicated property managers appointed shift-wise so as to watch over the property 24/7?
  6. How frequently does the property manager walk by the side of the site and check units?
  7. What if an unpleasant incident takes place on site, in such a case what happens?

These are some of the questions that you should be asking the property manager in order to make sure your belongings remain secure and safe when it is on site.

Do you provide any kind of move-in facility?

Self Storage Moving House

You should ask if they provide any kind of move-in facility. If they do provide then ask whether it is chargeable or free and what type of vehicle do they provide to facilitate move-in?

Do you offer packing boxes and supplies?

Boxes and packaging boxesYou should ask if they sell packing materials such as boxes and supplies that include furniture protection materials like tapes, bubble wrap, butcher’s paper, lounge cover, mattress cover, dining chair cover, felt wrap, marker pen, knife, boltless shelving, pallet wrap – roll, storage tub, small padlock, carry bags, vacuum bag and other packaging supplies. Are they providing all stuff that you will require to pack, move and store your belongings in a self-storage unit?

Do you provide facility to store business stuff?

If you’re a business owner, obviously, you need to know if they store business related stuff that may include office furniture, additional inventory, old business files and documents etc. Whether all of their self-storage facilities are visited daily by all the main courier companies so that deliveries can be received or dispatched every day? What other facilities do they provide for business storage?

What types of storage units do you provide?

Apart from personal and business storage, you need to know what different kinds of storage units they facilitate such as car storage, boat and caravan storage, wine storage etc., so that if you need to store items from these in the future, you can avail their services without the botheration of searching other self-storage provider that provides these services.

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Can I rent a storage unit over the phone?

You can also ask whether the self-storage facility accepts the bookings through the phone. If they provide phone bookings then you don’t have to personally visit them and this facility would be good, especially, when you have time constraints.

Final words

If you closely look at, you’ll realise that few of these questions and answers are just common sense; however, each one of them is crucial to reflect on. A property manager or someone who manages the property of self-storage who can promptly answer these questions and also offer you self-storage solutions which you’re looking for will be an excellent choice for your storage requirements.

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