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Useful Advice on How to Make Extra Cash

It is common for people who want to improve their financial state to focus on cutting their expenses. Cutting expenses can only help you partially. Spending less doesn't mean that you have more money, it just means that you are not spending it, and while having control over how much you spend is important, it doesn't really help you fix the problem fundamentally. Unless you are spending most of your monthly budget on luxuries, then you won't be able to save up some real extra cash by saving.

The real step towards making extra cash is to look towards increasing your monthly revenue rather than saving up. There are many opportunities for making extra money - and especially for people with experience. The extra money earned from these side jobs can help you repay your debts and boost your monthly revenue or save up for a big investment.

Find a freelance job


Freelancing is a thing that pays off most, apart from your full time job. Why? Because you can find freelancing jobs that are in your field, and because you are working in your field, you will be paid accordingly. Even if you don't have much experience in any line of work, there are always freelancing options that can earn you extra cash. The first step towards finding a freelance gig is to let your former or current coworkers, or some other personal connections know that you are open for freelance gigs. There are also many online platforms and services that can help you find a side job. LinkedIn is one of the best business platforms for acquiring business connections or you can use UpWork, that has a huge job market and offer many freelancing opportunities. There is a huge list of freelancing websites that you can use in order to find side jobs. Create your profile on these platforms and learn more on how to use them, how to bid for jobs, how to talk with clients, etc.


If you have something to say to people, then blogging may be the best way to earn extra cash. You can make money from blogging no matter if your story is about cooking and healthy meals, being a single parent or your field of expertise. The important thing is to have a good idea for a topic - and to know a lot about that topic. Starting a blog is not a complicated thing and you can even start a blog without any investments. There are many free web hosting services that you can use in the beginning until your blog has grown enough to make money. By running a blog, you won't be able to earn money straight away, however it doesn't require any investments and takes very little of your time - so if you don't need instant cash, blogging can be a good long term plan.

Car ad

Cadbury Ad

Yes, it is possible to earn money just by driving your car. This doesn't mean that you will have a standard eight hour shift like driving a taxi, but you will be driving your own car as you usually do. These programs are usually called “get paid to drive” or "free car" promotions. How do these programs work? A company releases an ad that they seek people, regular citizens, who aren't professional drivers, to drive their car around the city as they normally do. The only thing that you need to do is to have their ad plastered on your car. These ads usually take a big portion of your car's body and almost seem painted into the car. For this kind of program, a person is paid on a monthly basis and your only requirement is to own a car.

Participate in a research program

Another way to earn extra cash is to be involved in a research program. You can be a human guinea pig and be involved in a clinical research trial or be a part of a research study. The level of compensation depends on what kind of a trial or study it is and how much time it requires and it can go from $100 to a couple of thousand dollars. For example, there was a recent NASA study which required from participants to sleep while they were monitored.

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