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Top tips for saving money around the house [Infographic]

save moneyIt has to be said that managing the finances of a household is a challenge at the best of times, but it is appearing to become an increasingly popular topic of conversation in an economy that is unstable and unpredictable as is the case in the UK at the moment. It has been calculated that UK families are spending £652.40 per week on household spending in London and £423.50 in the North East of the country. If you are looking to make your money go further each month, then you will most certainly benefit from taking note of our top tip for saving money around the house. The great thing about the following tips is that they are straightforward and practical and will work wonders to help your family to invest more of your money into bigger things for the future as well as make your hard earned cash go that little bit further.

Make your own cleaning products

It’s easy and far more cost effective to make your own cleaners and can save you a lot of money in the long run as the cleaners that you can make yourself at home are made from relatively inexpensive ingredients. For example vinegar is a very versatile cleaning product, as is baking soda- check Pinterest or Google the easiest ways in which you can replicate your most used home cleaning products for yourself!

Grow your own

One way in which you can easily save money on your shopping bill and also possibly make some extra cash by selling produce on is by growing your own herbs and produce. Not only is it easy to grow herbs indoors on your window sill, but other types of fruits and vegetables can also be very easy to grow all year round. Why not explore where you can save money or make that little bit of extra profit by growing some bits in your back yard?

Stop smoking

While it may seem like a big ask, quitting smoking (or at the very least reducing the amount of cigarettes that you smoke a day) can really help you to spend less each month and thus allow you to put more into savings or put your money towards alternative uses. There is also a lot of advice online and in your local pharmacy to help you do so.

Turn off the taps

One very straightforward and effective way to save money around the house is through cutting down on the amount of water you use by simply choosing to shower more than you have a bath and turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth.


Rather than going to the supermarket without a game plan, why not try to organise a list before you head to the shops. The key with writing a shopping list is sticking to it and this should help you to make sure that you stick to only buying the things you need as opposed to picking up random bits along the way.


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