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Money Lessons Learned from Famous Movies

During your free time or weekends, why not spend some time to watch a movie? There are valuable lessons from movies that you can learn. Here's a list of movies where a financial lesson is a theme.


In this animated film, the protagonists - a couple - save their money and invest for a dream adventure. They master the idea of saving early on and did it their entire life. Although the wife dies, the husband strives to complete their dream trip, but now in the company of a kid and his dog. And what's the dream getaway adventure of the couple? To go to mysterious, enchanted island; a trip for which they have longed for several decades.

The lesson: people will learn to importance of saving, striving hard, being patient with their goals and coming up creative ways to achieve their dreams and long-term goals. Just like with financial independence, it can be a long and sometimes rough way, but once you master the value of saving for a rainy day, investing for your future, monitoring your credit and finances, controlling your spending, and budgeting your income, you will be better off financially in the end.



This comedy movie tackles issues about friendship, differences in lifestyles, as well as differences in financial resources. In a real life setting, what's important in friendship is being honest and sincere about what you can afford. If you can't keep up with the interests and lifestyles of others, you shouldn't force yourself into living that kind of life. Imagine having too many expenses and a low income, could you manage your credit, your budget and still have enough for your everyday needs? Keep in mind you should be able to maintain your friendships and be yourself at the same time. There's no need to overspend as it will likely have serious consequences on your finances well into the future.



In this movie, the main character, "Precious," struggles to put a stop to the abuse she suffers at the hands of her parents. She's pregnant, a teenager, illiterate and overweight. But, these don't stop her from achieving what she wants in life which is to get an education to rise above the shackles of oppression. She transfers to her new school with high hopes. The life of Precious, just like other people, show how much a person can get if he/she struggles for the betterment of life.This movie encourages people to strive for their dreams in life in order to become financially stable and independent.


"The Pursuit of Happyness"

This American drama film is based on a true story and it explores how even hard working people can end up in the throes of homelessness and poverty. It shows wonderful morals in relation to what a father will do in order to take care of his son while battling homelessness and poverty. The film serves a good lesson to adults and childrenalike about not quitting, continuing towards your goals and overcoming adversity.

"A Single Man"

This movie is about a college English professor who must battle the grief he's feeling over the death of his lover. Financially speaking, this movie shows how the main character lives in an elegant house located in a fantastic neighborhood, despite the fact that he's an English professor. It's not clearly depicted in the film if he came from a wealthy family, yet the film seems to simply portray an unrealistic lifestyle based on his profession and his salary.

Moviegoers should understand that if they cannot afford to live an elegant lifestyle - much like the movie's protagonist is doing - they must avoid it. Living above your means can simply lead to overspending, debt and financial difficulty.

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