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Mighty Energy at a Low Cost

energysavingOne of the major concerns many households face these days involves their power bills. With rates skyrocketing in all fields, it is only natural for many home owners to find a way to cut down on their electricity expenses.

Energy Supply the Texan Way

Fortunately, Texas residents have options to choose from. Ever since the electricity deregulation took place on January 1, 2002, consumers have been able to choose among the several energy retailers available on the market.

This deregulation has brought about many benefits for the average consumer. For one thing, there has been an increase in the number of electricity companies, thus favoring competition. It is a well-known fact that a more competitive market always results in a reduction of rates.

Furthermore, a decade after the legislative change took place; we can say that 80% of consumers agree that the change has been highly beneficial, especially when it comes to comparing past expenses and present energy rates.

How is electricity provided?

Generators produce electricity which later on enters the electric grid that includes a wide network of distribution stations and power lines that are lined both overhead and underground. It is the local transmission and distribution utility (TDU) that helps energy travel straight into each one of the Texan homes and business premises. Just in the middle of the generators and the TDU stand the electricity retailers whose services consumers are asked to choose from.

Texas residents are now able to shop around looking for the best deals in energy rates, offered by the different retail electric providers (or REPs). Most companies offer different plans that have been designed to cater for each consumer's needs. When it comes to comparing rates and analyzing plans, the range of options is wide enough to call for a thorough investigation before making the final choice.

A Friendly Company

Founded in 2003, Amigo Energy, for instance, is one of the oldest electricity retail companies in Texas. Having followed the deregulation process all the way, the company stands now as one of the first energy suppliers in the area.

Whether the service involves residential or commercial electricity supply, this company is able to offer different alternatives that can meet the needs of all consumers in the area. In fact, even when many reliable companies offer their services, not all rates are as consumer-friendly as needed. This is why information should be gathered as exhaustively as possible.

Customized Plans

As for rates and plan alternatives, this company provides both fixed and variable rates. Fixed plans offer the advantage of being able to predict what your monthly energy consumption will be like. Besides, these plans can be chosen for a period of 12 or 24 months. Whatever plan you choose, you can rest assured that no fluctuations will affect your monthly electricity bills as they are contract-based and will not be changed.

Worry-free Choice

Finally, choosing the best available company as your electricity supplier will translate into an improved lifestyle and an important reduction in power bills.

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