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Inflation Busters – 5 Tips to Get Ahead in Tough Economic Times

rfrfreqfqerfDuring times of inflation, when money’s tight, you may start to feel hopeless about your financial situation. It’s tough to think about growing or saving your money when you’re struggling to make ends meet. If you feel like you’ve exhausted every strategy on maintaining or expanding your wealth, here are a few suggestions that may help you to get back on track.

1. Plan Your Finances Ahead

The best way to survive through tough times is to plan how you will spend your money. Planning allows you to save more since you’re tracking where and when you use your cash. For instance, instead of ordering takeout meals on a daily basis, planning a trip to the grocery so you can cook healthy and affordable meals at home will allow you to save more than you might think. If despite your best planning efforts it looks like you will have a shortfall, research fast cash loans online to cover your basic needs and help you through the short-term pinch.

2. Sell Unused Household Items

Rather than keep old items that contribute to your house’s clutter, why not resell them at thrift stores? Reselling items gives you extra money to spend on things you need right now. You can also try posting on Facebook groups that allow selling second-hand items or host a yard sale to make a little cash from your neighbors. It’s great fun, and you can make a packet.

3. Focus on Necessities

Has it been a while since you had a really close look at your credit card statement? Maybe you’re spending way too much money on takeout, and useless subscriptions? Or perhaps, you’re one of those people who habitually spend money when they’re bored? Now’s the time to change your spending habits. Assess your income and expenses and find a way to cut out all unnecessary expenditures. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can always start small, and you will be amazed at how much you can cut from your monthly purchase list.

4. Shop Wisely

There are loads of ways to cut back your spending by shopping intelligently. For example, you can compare prices at multiple retailers to get the best price before moving forward with your purchase. Looking out for sale schedules and waiting to buy something at a lower price will save you more bucks. Taking advantage of cashback websites such as Quidco, Ebates and Swagbucks that will help you earn money while shopping. On a more fundamental level, while you might love shopping at stores like Wholefoods, it’s probably costing you big time. You’re local discount supermarket most likely has everything you need at far lower prices.

5. Start Investing

You don’t need to have piles of excess cash to start a portfolio. Investing money is crucial even in tough economic times. Talk to an advisor and ask about your options when it comes making your money work for you. There are plenty of small investment options available. Even putting small amounts away can get you on the right track for bigger things when economic conditions improve.

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There are many ways to cut your expenses and keep growing your money. With careful planning, reducing extraneous expenditure, and investing for the future, you’ll be more prepared when unforeseen economic changes threaten your bank account.

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