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A techie’s guide to saving money with cash back apps

I am in love with my smart phone, there is no doubt about it – it has been my longest and most loving relationship (aside from my marriage). I am a tech geek, and there is nothing like the overwhelmingly good smell of a freshly purchased smart phone box opening – it gives me chills.


Forget the 10 or so smart phones I own and refuse to resale as I make my latest purchase for a newer model. I know I invest a lot of money in my devices, but they always find a way to pay me that money back. Sounds weird, since I don’t ever sell them, right? Well I tend to look out for applications that offer me a cheap or free deal. One of these categories is the cash back apps I use to make purchases through, giving me big discounts and savings on various items.

Applications are wonderful ways to save money or even make money (not just by designing them!) but by utilizing the many various applications that practically give you 24/7 discounts and sales on many big retail and travel brands.

Saving money with cash back apps

While I am very thrifty with my purchases, waiting for seasonal sales and coupon offers, just doesn’t cut it for me most of the time. There are things I need or want that I spend a very long time online researching and finding the best deal. Now that I have downloaded my cash back apps, they have a strong list of retails and companies who participate in their programs, offering me big savings on so many different things.

Just the other day I was searching for a short break away in June, and lo and behold, I found the right airlines and travel companies, which offered me big discounts on my purchases. The same for my hotel accommodation and rental car, all booked and ready to go ahead of time, with enough money saved to be spent having fun during my vacation not on it!

Keeping your options open

Spending throughout the month is an inevitable fact, enjoy it or not, you will have to fork out some cash sooner or later. Whether you are the kind who needs a new pair of sneakers to match their every outfit or one that waits until the soles of their favourite shoes are completely worm out by the time they are forced to buy a new pair – having an option of a immediate savings, means giving yourself money back right back into your pocket.

An ever-growing program

Big brands are affiliated with their money back programs, offering you the opportunity to save all year around. There is no doubt that there will be more than a couple of retailers or companies that will be of use to each member who joins.

As the old saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned” and I have a new obsession with saving every penny I am through my cash back apps. All of my purchases are logged in and can be viewed from the application at any time, leaving the fear of the dreaded “monthly bank statement” behind. Even offline purchase can be logged in and saved, just by snapping a shot of the receipt and uploading it to the application.

There are certain things that I can’t resist buying for myself as little perks and treats on a monthly basis. I don’t ask for much but when I see something affordable that I know will be cool and brighten up my day, I need to have it. So for the guilty spenders out there, cash back apps can ease the financial blow by offering you the deals you want, out of the sale season.

I even use the applications to purchase presents for birthdays or special occasions for my loved ones and friends (don’t tell my wife!) but it sure helps me when I want to buy her an impressive gift and not break the bank.

If you have any questions, please ask below!