A Guide to Instant Cash

cashSilicon Valley is the area in northern California, just south of San Francisco, where so many of the big hi-tec design and manufacturing industries, involved with the semiconductor industry are situated. Considering all the wealth that these companies produce and generate, you might suppose that the area in which San Jose is regarded as its "capital" is regarded as highly affluent and suffering from a high cost of living. Yet amidst all the affluence and the big spending company executives, there are invariably those who have missed out as well as those who have over-committed themselves. These are the kind of people in urgent need of immediate loans in San Jose. The question remains - how and where to find them?

Traditional lenders don't help!

Now the chances are that someone wanting a loan whose credit affairs are not in a good state may find no small resistance from normal sources of borrowing. More and more these days' conventional banks are showing very little understanding of the needs of the small private customer or indeed of the small business customer. So that means that an applicant who needs an immediate loan in San Jose and who has a poor track record when it comes to credit standing is going to be in some trouble. What can he or she do?

Possible sources

Firstly they could try pay day loans although they are full of dangers in that they only last until the next payday when the problem quickly returns. You will also find the interest that you are paying spiralling up so you will be very quickly in deeper water than before.

Then of course there are your credit cards but again you could be in a situation where it is technically impossible to pay off your outstanding amount given the sum you are able to put towards each card. Also the chances are that you may be maxed up already on your cards so that is no real answer.

Why not try a car title loan?

Our warm recommendation is to very carefully use a car title loan from Rapido when you are in search of immediate loans in San Jose - or anywhere else in Silicon Valley. The first point about these loans is that they are about as immediate as anyone could possibly hope for - the usual time lapse between applying for the loan and actually receiving it is around sixty minutes which is quick by anyone's standards!!

How does it happen?

The way that car title loans are structured allows a very fast transfer of funds. What happens is that Rapido, as lenders, do not have to make any enquiry about credit standing or past misdemeanours because they use the remaining value in a privately owned car to give all the security required. Thus once the make and model of the applicant's car checks out, pre-authorisation follows and soon after payment - available between $2600 and $20,000.

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