Types of Cryptocurrency Investors in The Market

Cryptocurrency is a very potent and powerful tool in the money making a market. People are usually skeptical about investing in this market place as there are a lot of risks involved in it. Investing in this field is surrounded by lots of panic and excitement as well. It is a common fashion that money worth rises and falls down in consecutive days, but this is totally something that can’t be predicted. Thus there are different types of investments that are practiced by various types of investors. Some favor a long-term market life while some peep in for a day and exit on the same day as well. So in contrast to the investment patterns, here are some investors who have distinctive approaches to investing their money in the digital currency market.

Technical investors

Technical investors are those who make proper analysis before investing in cryptocurrency. Before making the actual investment, they perform analysis taking into consideration all the limitations and options available. They try to figure out the pros and cons, trends, key factors, almost everything that an investor should know and then proceed for making a purchase decision. They analyse the current trends as well as previous patterns in the cryptocurrency market to buy and sell the bitcoins. Technical analysis has its roots based on the Dows theory which studies the trend of money movement very minutely. Technical investors lay a lot of stress on examining the common trends which is a really challenging task. Apart from following the money pattern, technical investors take every single step to collect the necessary data required for making an investment where they are a sure shot to gain profits.

Long term investors

Those who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies for a longer term should remember that they should maintain a bull’s eye on the market cap instead of maintaining focus on the coin price. Long term investors should always have their eyes laid upon the market cap which is more informative on the lines of price and purchase decisions. Long term investors do not focus on the increasing market price and value of coins because they plan to stay in the cryptocurrency market for a more extended tenure. For them the lower the price of the coins, the more profitable it is for them in the initial years of investment so that they can buy more coins which will in return give a higher value when they plan to withdraw their investment. Purchasing coins when the market capitalization is at its best is a win-win situation for long-term investors to invest their money in cryptocurrencies.

Long term investors also got to have great patience and should not jump into selling their coins as soon as they trace arise in the value of coins. This is advisable because the more patience and calmness that you will gather the more profits you will earn and further you can go in this type of investments line. A more prolonged lifespan in the cryptocurrency investment is directly proportional to your patience. Thus long-term investors need to stay calm and should keep a watch on the parameters of the cryptocurrency trend that prevails during the investment years. In addition to patience, long-term investors need to be cautious regarding the market diversifications and should invest in real coins which has a long life. Buying bitcoins, monero, etc. are good ways of investing in realistic coins if you are a long-term investor so that it pledges you better returns in the trading platform.

Day traders

Day traders are those investors who enter the cryptocurrency market for a day or two and leave as soon as they fetch good profits. Many day trade investors keep a regular watch on the prevailing market pattern, they enter the market in during day hours and buy bitcoins, and if they find good returns coming their way by evening, then they sell it again in order to gain good profits. If they have continued interest in this, then they keep entering and exiting the market on different days in the context of gaining good returns. Day traders believe in making an instant purchase and instant selling of bitcoins. They sell the bitcoins on weekends or by the end of the day when they search their investment achieving good peak value. Day trade investors seldom follow the day in and day out the trend of participating in the cryptocurrency market. This trading is usually practiced by traders who are interested in making profits in a short time span. Though it consists of high risks, if banged on the right day earns you good profits in a shorter time span.

High gut investors

These types of investors invest their money in the digital currency and bitcoins by trusting their gut feeling. They have a belief in themselves that they will surely earn through investing in the cryptocurrency market and thus invest their money. They like to play the fluke in investing money and gaining profits. They follow the tunes of their heart and move further in investing their money. You can also relate the high gut investors to a person who likes gambling. Gaining profits is just equivalent to the wisdom and destiny they are in possession of. They do not perform any technical analysis or do not ask for recommendations and suggestions for entering the crypto rush. They just make up their mind and invest their amount in one shot without stressing over the process of making hypothesis and analysis. These types of investors just follow their instincts and go with their gut feelings and faith that they are capable of gaining profits by the way they think and in accordance to their temperament.


Cryptocurrencies have been the current talk on a global platform and are here to stay for a long tenure. Thus many people are taking an interest in investing in the digital currency plan which is a really powerful tool in earning massive profits. But investment in this market varies from person to person who seeks entrance into this market. People have their own approach to taking their decisions. They can make short term, long term and instant investments depending on their research, guts, and faith. But making the right investments at the right time considering all the parameters that may boost your profits may create a bright future for you in the cryptocurrency market.


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