Top 10 Reasons for Investing in Dubai Companies


Dubai has changed its image from a local trading community to an international level within a short span of time. Now entrepreneurs are looking forward to the oil country for trading, import, export, event management, hospitality, financial service, construction, tourism etc. There are many reasons for it. Through this article we will try to find the top ten reasons for choosing Dubai as business destination.

#1 Strategic location is directly associated with easy accessibility

Dubai is the perfect gateway for west and East as it matches with all times zones. As per records, nearly 2 million people visit the country as traders or as tourists. Dubai is gaining its importance in all areas of business. The centralized time zone helps business people to manage East and West businesses by being in Dubai.

#2 Quality living conditions

Those who prefer to lead a high quality life will fly to Dubai as this place can offer all the luxurious and essential living conditions that one can enjoy whole heatedly. The positive and vibrant environment offered here will allow you to live every moment of live unequivocally.


#3 Sea port and air port connectivity

As Dubai has the largest air port and sea port in the region, it is easy to carry goods and finished products to the country and from the country. Jabal Ali port is the largest sea port in the region. Likewise, Dubai International airport is the largest among all in the UAE. As businesses will flourish with air, water and road connectivity, you can choose Dubai as an investment destination.

#4 No Taxation zones

Many zones in Dubai are allotted for carrying various types of businesses. In all these free zones you are allowed to do trading without giving tax. As tax is a big burden for businesses, many large and small companies are setting their base in these free zones for getting the tax advantage.

#5 Infrastructure

Dubai has developed in such a way that a company formation will get all in one place for starting their business in Dubai. You will get office space, warehouse, retail shop, manufacturing unit, storage unit, transportation facilities etc.

#6 Dubai free zones

Many companies are planning to setup Dubai as their base as they are interested in starting an office or a warehouse in Dubai. There are many free zones like Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City, Dubai International Financial Center and many others. You can select as per the business activity you are going to perform in Dubai.

#7 Legal framework

Government has framed laws and regulations for doing business in the region, and this is strictly followed by everyone.

#8 Growing Economy

Dubai has reported an increase in trade revenue, export revenue, manufacturing revenue, communication revenue and hotel and restaurant revenue in the last few years. All these all pointing towards the growth in the economy.

#9 Abundant manpower

Liberal employee laws allows companies in recruiting staff without much confusion. There are training divisions and residential facilities for employees.

#10 Support from the government

Dubai government is supporting economic growth by offering investment support and promotion support in abundance. This helps companies in gaining profit.


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