The Practical Side of Outsourcing: Finding Viable Partners and Locations

The concept of outsourcing is one that continues to polarise opinion, although in truth your outlook is probably determined by your own, unique circumstances. Business owners tend to favour the notion of outsourcing as a viable cost-cutting measure, for example, while politicians and financial experts believe that it is detrimental to a countries economic growth.

Outsourcing has also experienced something of a rocky ride in recent times too, as it first became popularised in the wake of the Great Recession before being marginalised as the global economy began its recovery. Make no mistake; however, it remains a viable business practice that can save businesses huge amounts of capital in manufacturing and production costs.

A Look at the Practical Side of Outsourcing: How to Identify Partners and Locations

Despite this, businesses who are looking to outsource production or manufacturing elements of their business must act with caution when attempting to identify potential partners and locations. Otherwise, they run the risk of spending recklessly without coming any closer to arriving at an affordable solution. With this in mind, here are some ideas to keep in mind when considering outsourcing for your business: –

Do your Research and Identify the Most Suitable Locations

When looking to outsource the manufacturing of a particular product, there are two key things to bear in mind. Firstly, you must determine a list of criteria that meet your production goals, in terms of quality, volume and, most importantly, cost. While you may not be able to find a solution that suits all of these needs in their entirety, by identifying and prioritising your goals who can at least make an informed decision.

Secondly, it is crucial that you the invest time into researching a refined list of locations to find out more about their premises, reputation and approach to ethical employment. These are all important considerations, particularly if you do not want your own business or bran to be negatively affected by the actions of your new partners.

Visit Potential Sites and Carefully Manage your Travel Arrangements

Once you have determined a select few options, the next step is to visit these and inspect each individual site. This remains a key part of the process of businesses and entrepreneurs, as it enables them to meet with prospective outsourcing partners and discuss potential deals. Now travelling overseas is rarely cheap, but business trips can be particularly expensive so you will need to take practical steps to minimising costs.

To achieve this, consider using services such as those offered by Statesman Travel. This concierge-style outlet will allow you to micro-manage bookings and plan even the most intricate details of your trip, helping you to identify potential savings in the process. This can prove crucial in terms of your total spend and the money that you are able to save, particularly when you need to visit multiple locations.

Do Not Forget to Negotiate when liaising with Potential Partners

When taking such a pragmatic approach to sourcing and visiting potential outsourcing locations, it is easy to ignore or override your fundamental business instincts. There is always a place for the instinctive mind in any business process, however, particularly when you are visiting potential outsourcing locations and attempting to strike a profitable deal.

It is therefore crucial that you retain a position of strength when visiting these sites and showcase a willingness to negotiate tenaciously at all times. This can help to you to secure an even more lucrative deal, while it is also good practice to use previously negotiated deals as leverage when interaction with alternative providers. This tactic will stand you in good stead, and you will be surprised at the amount you are able to save as a result.

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