Is it good to invest in gold?

Investment in gold has some traditional values, specifically in India, but how effective it is in today’s market is subject to choice and requirement. A gold investment can be considered more as an insurance policy than a progressive player in your investment portfolio.

The market, specifically since 2022, has seen an incredible craze for gold, but like every other investment, some risks are associated with gold investment as well.

Today, it is extremely easy to invest in gold and it is fruitful as well. So, if you are considering putting your money here, keep reading. As we will discuss some of the benefits of investing in gold.


Investment in gold can surely be considered safer than the crypto market. If you consider the long-term value, money invested in gold will last and give you a steady return. Also, we cannot overlook the traditional factor; gold has been passed on from one generation to the other in this country, and is considered a long-term family asset.

If you look at the data post pandemic, gold prices have triggered and also the demand to procure gold has increased.


It is easy to invest in gold. You can purchase physical or digital gold. Owning physical gold has its own positives. It gives you the ability to access easy liquidity if required. Sovereign gold bonds and gold exchange trade funds are also popular modes of digital investment in gold.

The reason gold is popular among investors is that it is easy to procure gold and you also get diversified modes of investment. The ability to invest in digital gold has made it easy for millennials to invest in gold without the fear of getting conned into buying something other than genuine gold.


Data has shown that during times of turmoil and fluctuations, the yellow metal has always maintained its stability. As an asset, gold has outsmarted inflation at a time when other investment tools have gone down considerably. Easy liquidity and long-term stability are two major reasons why gold has restored its value among investors.


Putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good way to invest. Sure, you have to look at every possible investment tool to grow your finances, and invest in different asset classes depending on your risk appetite and return requirements. Consider gold as a separate class of investment to be a part of your portfolio, which is more of an insurance and will hold its value over the years. When required, you could easily trade in your gold assets for liquid cash.

Another thing you can do to hedge your risks is open a zero balance account online where you can save a part of your salary every month and earn interest on it. This is a great way to have money in hand for all kind of emergencies without having to rely on your investments.

The takeaway

Gold could be a part of any investment portfolio; it may not produce a very lucrative return, but the safety and liquidity associated with gold as an asset class is hard to deny. So yes, if a diversified investment portfolio is what you are looking for, gold should be on your list. Learn more about gold and other investment opportunities so you can diversify your portfolio and negate risks.

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