Non-owner SR22

sr22Before you can understand where to get a non-owner SR22, it’s important to understand what SR22 is, how you end up with it and what non-owner SR22 is. The most important thing to note is the fact that SR22 is just a certificate of financial responsibility. A document drawn up by your insurance company as assurance to any interested parties that in the event of an accident, you will be in a position to foot any financial costs that may arise from the accident.

In what circumstances will you need a SR22?

There are many reasons you may be required to acquire a SR22 for yourself. As a general rule if you have proven to be a dangerous driver, the court may at its discretion require you to get a SR22 to prove that in the event of an accident which you are at fault, you will be in a position to meet the financial costs.

Following is a list of possible traffic offenses that may land you into trouble.

OffenseJailFinesSr22 requirementIID
Lack of insuranceNoYesYesNo
Street racingAt courts discretionYesYesNo
Vehicular manslaughterYesyesYesIf alcohol was involved, yes
Driving with a suspended DL or without oneAt courts discretionYesYesNo
Speeding above allowable speed limitsAt courts discretionYesyesIf alcohol was involved, yes

As stated above, each and every one of the scenarios will either earn you time behind bars or heavy financial penalties. However what is of interest at the moment is the SR22 requirement. Each and every situation will earn you a SR22 requirement. The wise thing to do will therefore being keen when on the roads. Avoid speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving without a Driving License or on a suspended one, street racing, driving without insurance among others.

What is non-owner SR22?

You do not have to own a vehicle to have a SR22 requirement on you. For instance, if you had borrowed a friend’s car and caused a fatal crash, you would be required to get a SR22 whether or not the vehicle was yours. In short, vehicle ownership does not change a person’s eligibility to having a SR22 requirement on them. What the court does is require you to acquire non-owner SR22 insurance policy. The unfortunate bit about non-owner SR22 policy is the added insurance cover is only meant to cover bodily harm and property damage. This does not include the vehicle the carrier of the insurance policy is driving.

Secondly, this special type of insurance cover is limited to the amount the carrier of the SR22 pays for. Generally people will pay for the least amount required by the law for them to operate a vehicle. Therefore, if a state requires a minimum of $10,000 and a person causes an accident that leads $50,000 worth of damages, the car owners primary insurance will take care of the insurance costs to the limit of the owners insurance, then the non-owner insurance will then take care of the remaining costs, if however both policies are not able to fully take care of the costs, then it is up to the victims of the crash to enforce payment through other means. For instance; through suing.

The good thing about non-owner SR22 is it doesn’t not necessarily depend on ones driving history. As long as you are driving borrowed cars, you can decide to purchase it. You can also convert it into owner insurance cover. However, a teenager living at home cannot be covered by this type of insurance. They must be added to the main policy.

It may sound a little complicated that is the reason you need a high risk insurance to fix any SR22 related issues. We specialize in SR22, FR44, SR50, SR22a and non-owner insurance. At Select Insurance Group we have the ability, skills and willingness to walk with you through this journey. All you need to do is fill the form provided and we will be at your side in a jiffy. Simply talk to us.


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