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Is Body Parts Insurance a Phenomenon?

body-insuranceCelebrity and high profile people have been getting body part insurance for decades. This is when they insure a body part that is considered highly valuable or related to their livelihood. Celebrities have had insurance policies on everything from legs, to butts, to hands, to breast, and much more. Though this may seem, extreme, unnecessary, and publicity stunt like to some, practical reasoning exists behind many of these policies. Though it may not seem practical for an average or normal person to obtain such an insurance policy, it may be feasible.

Celebrities with Body Insurance

There are many celebrities with expensive million dollar plus body insurance policies. These celebrities are old and young, male and female and consist of singers, actors, athletes, and more. Various singers have coverage on vocal cords or instrument musicians may have it on their hands. The singer Rihanna has a 1 million dollar insurance plan on her legs and the Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum has her legs covered for 2 million dollars. Jennifer Lopez is famous for her big butt and she has a 27 million dollar insurance policy on it to protect that asset. Breasts are a popular body part to get covered with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, playmate Holly Madison, and singer Madonna all having million dollar plans on them. Even James Bond got a body insurance policy, that being the actor Daniel Craig, who performed his own stunts in the 007 movies and had a 9.5 million dollar policy on his body. America Ferrera, the star of Ugly Betty has an insurance policy on her infamous grill with her teeth being covered for $10 million. Similarly, the actress Julia Roberts has a 30 million dollar plan on her smile, which is one of the most recognizable in Hollywood. Celebrity body insurance coverages can be even more extravagant, as soccer star David Beckham has a 195 million dollar policy on his legs to protect them from injury. One of the biggest polices ever is for Mariah Carey, who has her legs covered for a whopping 1 billion dollars.

Reasoning Behind It

The reason anyone gets any time of insurance is to cover something valuable in the event of a disaster, such as life insurance or disability insurance. Most celebrities are famous because of their body or specific body parts. Singers would have their earning potential crippled if they lost their voice. An athlete wouldn’t be much without his legs and a professional pitcher or quarterback’s golden goose is in their throwing arm. Many actresses, models, and sex symbols get things like their backside and breasts insured because it’s directly related to their sex appeal and earnings.

For Average Joe or Jane?

With body part insurance, it wouldn’t make sense for the average person to attempt to get one of these policies. If someone wanted to cover their breasts or legs just for vanity reasons, it would be one of the most expensive and impractical decisions they could make. Premiums are not cheap for these type of polices and regular insurance companies do not offer the coverage. This isn’t to say that only rich and famous celebrities have a practical reason to get body part insurance. Anyone with an occupation that is lucrative and dependent on a specific body part may consider a policy. A brain or plastic surgeon may get a policy on their hands, a commercial pilot may seek one for their eyesight, a chef might take out an insurance plan on their taste buds, or a stripper may insure her breasts.

Body part Insurance for celebrities is an interesting topic that provides publicity for the beneficiary. There are many celebrities with giant policies that cover almost any body part you can imagine, if it’s deemed beneficial to a career. Some non-famous professions would benefit from such type policies, but such a thing is generally unnecessary.

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