Importance of Financial Compatibility for Newly Weds in India

life-insuranceMarriages in India are like festivals. Various communities across the country celebrate these special occasions in their own specific ways that signify their culture and related rituals. Almost everyone remains busy doing multiple tasks like shopping, venue, decoration, ticket booking and so on. However, people often forget to buy health insurance plans if have not got already.

Well, people have their own different priorities at such occasions, whereas it’s recommended to have suitable and affordable insurance plans for health to ensure that any issued would be taken care of when encountered. People say they have enough savings to manage hospitalization expenses whenever needed; however, you would be called wise enough if you have purchased insurance in advance to avoid any hassle that may come into the picture.

Also, why to spend thousands or even lakhs on medical emergencies when you can plan your savings for various other milestones you loved ones may need to achieve going forward. For example, if you get marries today, you will plan your future with your spouse and with kids sooner or later, though. The increasing healthcare cost is definitely going to beat the extent of your savings in the future. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a mediclaim policy for family going forward.

Financial Compatibility with Your Spouse

Today, people tend to be independent at various stages of their life. For example, students after successfully completing their graduation start looking for the jobs – to either give their career an early start or support their parents financially who further look forward to having a firm basis of the future of their children.

In case your spouse is also working, then he or she needs to have a thorough understanding of the financial goals of the family. While if there is any issue in understanding and managing financial planning, there can be financial issues going forward. Therefore, it is recommended to have a proper understanding between the couple to avoid extra overhead of any sort.

Buying a Family Health Plan Online

When it comes to buying a health insurance plan for the family, you have multiple options to choose from. First of all, India has a huge general insurance market, including numerous insurance companies offering multiple different plans, based on different criteria for people with a distinct set of requirements. Secondly, you still have a choice between the availability of those plans. If you need to buy a family health insurance plan that offers adequate coverage to your family members, then you must explore multiple plans online. It is prudent to create a list of health insurance companies that offer sufficient coverage to you within your budget, and then choose the one that is cost-effective to the greatest degree.

While looking for an affordable mediclaim policy for family, make sure you bear in mind the following key points of coverage:

  1. Affordability of the premium
  2. Sufficient health coverage for individual member of the family
  3. Reach-ability of network hospitals
  4. Quick claim settlement and expense reimbursement
  5. Good claim settlement ratio
  6. Branch office at a nearby location

In contrast, make sure you consider going offline too, in case you are not able to find one of the best health insurance plans for your family. This is beneficial when you need an additional coverage to enhance the protection offered to the senior citizens of the family, especially to avail coverage for specific diseases that anyone with increasing age is prone to.

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