How To Get Life Insurance Without A Doctor’s Appointment

If you want to get life insurance but don’t want to go to the doctor in order to do it, no exam life insurance is the answer. It’s the only way to get life insurance without a doctor’s appointment. And not only can you skip the doctor, but you can also skip most of the wait time that comes with traditional life insurance policies.

Another big advantage for no exam life insurance is that it can usually be obtained much quicker than standard policies. The reason is that you do not have to wait to have the insurance company underwrite your application. This makes it an ideal choice for people who need to get life insurance for a business opportunity or people who are going through a divorce.

The biggest disadvantage is that no exam policies usually tend to be more expensive however the difference is price can often be negligible for people that are in good health.

Is no exam life insurance magical? How does it allow you to get approved without going for a checkup?

If only it were magical! But no, it’s not magical, it’s just a special kind of life insurance that’s built for people just like you—who don’t have time to go to the doctor, who are scared of needles, or who just want to get life insurance quickly and be done with it.

Benefits of no exam life insurance

There are many benefits of no exam life insurance, first and foremost being that you don’t need to make a doctor’s appointment to get approved. Other benefits include:

  • Getting coverage: No exam life insurance can give you the coverage you need—and that’s the whole purpose of life insurance, isn’t it?
  • Easier approval: People who have chronic health conditions, dangerous jobs or hobbies, or who are above age 60 may have a hard time qualifying for standard life insurance policies, whereas with no exam life insurance, they can get approved more easily.
  • Fast approval: Unlike traditional life insurance policies that have a wait time ranging from weeks to months, no exam life insurance offers fast approval, sometimes within days. This is because there is little-to-no assessment of your health, so the underwriting is minimal.
  • A completely online process: Not only can you skip the doctor’s appointment, but the entire process can be done online. Literally. From your desktop or mobile, you choose— but you need not leave the house to purchase no exam life insurance.

Is no exam life insurance right for you?

How can you decide if no medical exam life insurance is right for you? Well, these are the people who typically purchase these kinds of policies:

  • People who don’t have time to go to the doctor or who are afraid of blood work
  • People who need life insurance quickly (for a divorce or business loan, usually)
  • People in good health who want quick approval
  • People with specific health conditions or dangerous jobs

If any of the above describe you, no exam life insurance can be a great choice.

Taking the plunge and purchasing a policy

If no exam life insurance sounds like it’s a good choice for you, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge—because every day that you procrastinate is another day that your premiums can go up. And since the process can be done entirely online, there’s no time like the present to apply!

However, don’t make a rookie mistake and purchase the first policy you find. Just like when you do any online shopping, you need to look around for the best rates. But if you’re short on time (which is why you wanted to skip the doctor’s appointment in the first place!) try to find a life insurance broker that can give you multiple rates in a matter of minutes. There are some options which will even allow you to chat directly with a licensed insurance advisor who can help you choose the best policy. Also make sure your advisor is not affiliated directly with just one insurance company so you can rest assured that they will have no interest in directing you to a specific agency.

So skip the doctor’s appointment. Get life insurance!

If you have any questions, please ask below!