How to Choose Investment Opportunities – Advice by Paul Belogour

Today we’ll address the selection criteria for investment projects across four of the most promising sectors: technology, pharmaceuticals, commodities, and mutual funds. We have asked Paul Belogour for advice, and he was kind enough to share his insight with our readers. For those of you who haven’t heard the name, Mr. Belogour is the CEO of BMFN, an international network of over 4,000+ brokers spread across 120+ countries. With over twenty years in trading, he is one of the world’s top experts on choosing the best deals.

Disruptive Technologies

As the head of BMFN, Pavel Belogour is no stranger to successful software solutions. According to his advice, you can find profitable investment opportunities with companies that embrace disruptive technologies, such as

  • Artificial intelligence;

  • Big data;

  • Internet of things;

  • Virtual and augmented reality.

They are changing the world one innovation at a time. Businesses throughout multiple sectors, from agriculture to retail and wholesale, have successfully adopted these technologies to attract new customers, streamline operations, and cut losses. Digital transformation has turned from a fancy trend into a survival tool for industry incumbents that struggle under the onslaught of digital-native startups.

Not all vendors working on developing software solutions and products stemming from disruptive technologies will be successful and return your investment. However, if you choose right, your investment portfolio will profit for years to come. Look for forward-thinking B2B companies that combine the disruptive technology know-how with technical talent, an extensive portfolio, and popular products.

Pharmaceutical Advances

Considering the aging population and increased government investment in medical research, the pharmaceutical sector can be a lucrative trading opportunity. Recent breakthroughs in the fields of gene therapy and the globalization of the market are also in favor of pharmaceutical investment. Paul Belogour considers it one of the most promising sectors for the years to come.

Besides standard research into the company’s financial position, growth opportunities, earnings, and profit margins pay attention to the medication pipeline. Avoid investing in companies that have no approved drugs on the market. They might bring the highest profit, but the risks are even higher. The more drugs the company has in development, the safer your investment will be. Moreover, the medications on their third stage of development or those undergoing governmental approval are less risky compared to the drugs going through the first round of trials.

Mr. Belogour recommends you look up the number of patents issued to the company, as they protect the intellectual property and ensure the business has 20 years to profit from the research results. Pay attention to recent patents because those issued in the 20th century won’t be bringing as much profit anymore.

Mutual Funds Reliability

Mutual funds are the ultimate low-risk way to diversify your investment portfolio. Using one or two mutual funds, you can get access to dozens of individual stocks of different market caps and various types of bonds. Moreover, mutual funds do not require your constant supervision and undivided attention, as there are professional analysts and managers to oversee the day-to-day operations of the fund, sparing your time for work and family.

If you are looking for a reliable mutual fund, research its reputation and history, study reviews and load conditions. Mr. Belogour believes that the more you know about the financial product you use, the fewer risks you will encounter. Do not rely on random recommendations, unless you can be sure the author knows the ins and outs of the current investment landscape.

Commodities Volatility

Trading consumer goods and raw materials is a staple of investment strategies. However, the extreme volatility of the market makes it difficult for newcomer brokers and investors. If you wish to try your hand at commodities trading, you must pay attention to the worldwide economic and political disruptions, natural disasters, and market trends. These and other factors cause significant fluctuations in commodities and commodity stock prices. According to Pavel Belogour, starting with a demo account and watching the market is a must when dealing with commodities.

Investing in technology, pharmaceutics, commodities, and mutual funds can be equally profitable for the newcomer and seasoned brokers. Research is the primary key to success regardless of the sector. Use Mr. Belogour’s tips and advice to get to the bottom of the generous return promises, secure best deals, and make substantial profits.

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