Comparison Of Different Car Insurance Age Groups

There are many factors that play an important role in deciding your auto insurance policy rates, one major factor being your age group. Safety net providers have numerous preformed notions with regards to choosing rates of car insurance based on age and thus it’s vital for you to know the general impact that the distinctive auto insurance age gatherings can have on the insurance premium and related rates previously you go looking for your insurance coverage.

What Age Group Has The Most Affordable Car Insurance And Why

Insurance companies believe that the novice you are the more are the risks involved with you as a driver and as you mature and become experienced you tend to follow more rules and are more cautious on the road, hence bringing your risk rate down.

Best Age To Get the Best Auto Insurance Deal:

50-65 years:

Insurers feel that people who have reached 50 are the most experienced and cautious drivers. They generally have families and because of their maturity they hardly drink and drive or disobey traffic rules and regulations. People in this age group know the worth of their existence and because of the responsibilities they have, they are considered to be the least risky and the safest drivers. Moreover, they have a long-term driving experience and hence they can anticipate most situations better and easily. For example, they can easily understand the signs of a drunk driver from far and are better skilled to avoid an accident when compared to an inexperienced driver. Therefore, car insurance is the cheapest for this age group.

Moreover, the type of car driven by a 50 or 60-year-old comes with modern features designed with safety in mind because such people are generally raising families and hence their cars generally have:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Safety Airbags
  • Security Devices etc., thus lowering their rates.

This age group generally has a homeowner’s policy which if bundled with your auto insurance policy can help you save 10 percent on your insurance. They have better credit scores than drivers who are younger. As they are saving for retirement they tend to be more frugal with their spending, making their credit scores nearly perfect.

Drivers below the age of 50:

Most insurance companies give discounted rates to drivers below the age of 50 and above the age of 26.This age group still has a decade of driving experience and therefore are considered as low risks drivers.

Drivers between the age group of 16-25:

This age group is considered the riskiest by insurance companies and they generally have the highest premiums and associated rates. Drivers in this age group tend to have the highest number of accidents, firstly because they are novice and immature and thus, their skill set in driving is not up to the mark. Most people in this age group have a history of traffic violations, speeding tickets, and drink and drive records making them prone to accidents. That’s why parents tend to add their teen children to their existing insurance policy so that they too can enjoy the already existent discounts. A teen can increase the auto insurance rate of his parents by simply living under the same roof with the parent because insurance companies take into account that driving or not, the teen has definite access to the car, thus increasing the risks associated with the vehicle.

Young drivers should take lessons in defensive driving to reap discounts. Moreover, girls are considered safer drivers when compared to their male counterparts, therefore their rates are better than a boy of the same age. If you are 26 and married you will definitely get a discount in your auto insurance premium because insurers feel that couples tend to be more cautious than singles when it comes to road safety. Adding safety features to your car, having a good driving record, having good college grades and certain professions like doctors, teachers, and policemen make you eligible for certain insurance discounts.

So, no doubt your age plays a key role in deciding your auto insurance rates, you can still lower them down if you take smart measures. Different car insurance age groups have different positives, the best being the age of 50-65, until and unless you cross 70. Post 70, old age starts to strike and insurers have a notion that absent mindedness starts acting, in turn hurting your premium. Still, there are many policies that can help the aged car insurance and you will have to shop around, talk to various insurers and get online quotes before taking the final decision.


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