Basic Types of Insurance

types-of-insuranceSome people live life with an almost reckless air, content to enjoy every moment as it comes without a thought to the future or “what ifs.” This happy-go-lucky attitude sometimes leads them to their downfall, especially when a crisis arises. When their rose-colored glasses have been shattered, they realize too late about the importance of protection like insurance, which would serve as a back up when faced with unexpected circumstances.

Life is unpredictable and to avoid living each day with paranoia, it’s best to be prepared with some protection against any calamity. Insurance can offer us some leeway in dealing with the consequences of a disastrous event. If you’re wondering what type of insurance policies you should get, here are some of the basic ones that you should consider.

Car Insurance

For any car owner, auto insurance is must as it is required by virtually all states. If your car is older, you can go for the bare minimum. If your car is newer or a model with a high value, you might want to insure it from theft. Whatever package you choose, you should never scrimp on the liability portion of your car insurance coverage. Proper liability insurance is very important especially if you caused an accident and someone was injured due to your negligence.

Health Insurance

Young people often eschew health insurance in favor of fun, booze and other flights of fancy that will help them seize the moment. But when disaster strikes, they find themselves floundering helplessly in accumulating debts. All it takes is just one spill, even a small accident or illness and you’ll suddenly find yourself saddled with bills that might take you a decade or even a lifetime to pay. Having health insurance will help cover your medical emergencies and needs that you might not be able to afford on your own. So it’s important that you put aside even a small amount monthly for health insurance.

Life Insurance

No one likes to think about dying but the reality is that anyone can die at anytime. When the main breadwinner in the family dies, the remaining members have to deal with burial as well as mortuary fees. Life insurance will help the family cope in terms of the loss of income and also other fees that need to be addressed during the premature death of a parent. This type of insurance, however, is more applicable to those with family than those who are single and childless. If you don’t belong in the latter category and if you don’t have life insurance yet, you should consult with an insurance company and get quotes.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you own a home or perhaps a condo/townhouse, homeowner’s insurance is a must. This will provide protection against damage and theft for your one of your most valuable assets. If you worry this might not be enough to protect your home, you can inquire from your agent about additional insurance that would cover calamities like floods, fires, earthquakes and other possible disasters that may occur, and which might not be covered in the usual package. If you are just renting an apartment, you can get renter’s insurance which would cover your personal items in your place, in case of damage or theft.

A Few Reminders Before You Purchase…

Choosing the right insurance for you will take a little time. Make sure you shop around before you decide on which package to buy. Make a list of needs as a reference for the features you are looking for in a particular insurance plan. If not all of it can be covered by the plan, then make sure that most of the vitals ones are included.

If you have any questions, please ask below!