Trade24 Release Plans for Next Generation Apple Watch Trading App

Trade24Trading on the go is something that a number of traders find an essential factor of their platform. Whether it be the ability to trade through the use of a mobile app or on a downloadable version of the trading platform on their laptops, professional traders need to be able to trade from wherever they are located. This is due to the fact that the trading market is subject to constant change, and traders need to be able to trade during those peak times when returns are high. Due to the fact that a high percentage of traders are also busy professionals, they're not often home and at their computer at these times - which is why trading on the go is so essential.


Trade24 is a trading company set up by experienced banking professionals in 2007. Its aim was, and still is to get more and more regular people into trading on the Forex and CFD markets, which were heavily dominated by investment funds and banks at the time that the company was established. Because Trade24 offers a simple trading solution for everyday people, they also realise that their clients will need a way to be able to trade even when they're not at home. Currently, Trade24 offers state of the art, cutting edge technology when it comes to their trading platform. With downloadable, online, and mobile application versions of their trading platform available, traders can rest assured that Trade24 will provide them with the means to trade no matter where in the world they are.


Although trading on the go is relatively easy thanks to the range of options for trading offered by Trade24, there are still some obstacles which the company have taken into account when planning further developments for the next generation of trading tools. For example, with many traders also having full-time jobs, even having a mobile trading app available is not often useful, especially if the trader works in an environment where they are unable to use their smartphone or tablet. Although the release of the smartphone app has drastically increased the amount of trading done on the go, there are still some areas where the smartphone app can't be used - which is why Trade24 wants to take their trading tool options to the next level.

Further Developments

As a company, TRADE24 want to stay on the cutting edge of the competition, a goal which can be seen by their plans to open a state of the art trading campus for their employees, modelled on the campuses of online giants Google and Facebook. They expect the campus, which construction is set to begin on in 2016, to provide a means for their R&D department to focus even more on developing the next generation tools. However, Trade24 aren't waiting around for the new campus to open before making any further developments, with a new, next generation trading tool in the works already. Currently, Trade24 is developing an application which is set to be released on the hugely popular Apple Watch. This application will allow traders to track their current trades, as well as giving them the ability to buy and sell shares with a simple tap of their finger. Set to change the way in which people trade, Trade24 are confident that the new application will mean that there really is no obstacle to where and when you can trade.

Why Trade With Trade24?

In addition to the range of great trading options that Trade24 offers its clients including the up and coming Apple Watch application, there are a number of great reasons to choose Trade24 as your trading platform. As well as being assured that you will have access to the latest state of the art trading tools and technology, Trade24 prides itself on putting clients first and working hard to meet their needs. As a trader, you will have access to a dedicated support team and a personal account manager, who will be on hand during UK and USA trading hours to answer any queries that you may have.

If you'd like to start trading on the go using your Apple Watch, then watch this space - Trade24 are soon to make it all possible.

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