OptionsXO Are Beating The Market for a Reason

There are all sorts of binary options trading platforms out there. Perhaps you have already tried some of them, but your experience was not even close to good. Some of the platforms may look like offering a predetermined product lacking customization, while others may make you feel like you're out there on your own. Unlike its peers, OptionsXO offers a tailor-made trading experience to options trading.

Opening An Account

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Signing in up with OptionsXO is very simple. Enter your personal and account information and as soon as you complete the process, you are ready to trade on the platform. If you feel that you are not ready to trade with real money, you may open a demo account with as low as $25.

An Advanced Trading Platform


OptionsXO feature a user-friendly, easy to navigate interface, with most of the information on the screen without the need to switch tabs. All available binary options with their expiries are listed on the left, while the upper right side is the trading window with all the required analysis tools so that you familiarize yourself with the platform. At the bottom, there is a listing of your open trades as well as a stream of updated information regarding the market with news and an economic calendar.

A Wide Range of Underlying Assets To Trade

OptionsXO offers you the ability to trade in more than 100 types of assets, including equities, indices, currencies and commodities. Crude oil, precious metals, coffee, sugar and wheat, the Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500, Dow Jones and FTSE 100, a wide range of stocks including Reuters, Nissan Motor, Coca Cola, and Apple, and a wide selection of currency pairs are some of the assets offered for trading on the platform. Whether you are a novice investor or a sophisticated trader, OptionsXO will take you by the hand to help you understand the proper steps to realize gains.

Open Channels Of Communication 24/7

The platform allows you to trade 24/7 around the clock and offers live chat and email for immediate contact with its highly-skill staff. It also provides phone lines you can use in multiple regional centers, including Berlin (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), London (UK), Luxembourg (Luxembourg,) Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), and Paris (France) for Europe; Bahrain (Bahrain), Cape Town (South Africa), Montreal (Canada) Sydney (Australia) and Tokyo (Japan) internationally. If there is no urgent request, you can use the web form provided.


Trusted Banking Facilities

Banking is the backbone of binary options trading as it is extremely important, especially in online trading, to effortlessly build trust between the broker and the client. OptionsXO provide a wide range of depositing and withdrawing options so that you can use the services they mostly apply to your profile and preferences. As soon as you open an account with OptionsXO and you deposit money, your funds are segregated from company funds and secured at Barclays Bank in London. This means that you are offered a guaranteed principal between 75% and 100%, depending on your contract and, if the prices rise, you may be even allowed to reset the guaranteed amount to this higher value, while also resetting the length of the contract. This feature was applicable only to regulated brokers, but competition and the need to make customers feel secure, has forced all types of brokers to use segregated funds.

Trading Academy Available

The OptionsXO team literally take you by the hand. In the Academy section you will find a full range of educational and research tools, including fundamental analysis, macroeconomic courses, detail information on how to trade, major market indicators and many more. Check out the videos offered for beginners and advanced traders as well as the FAQ section and the glossary of important terms. Also, in the company's blog section you can look into strategies, traders' stories and tutorials, all available for free.

In summary, there are some brokers who rightfully deserve to be recognized for their professionalism, integrity and high quality service in online trading. OptionsXO is a high-quality platform, offering a variety of assets and a series of educational tools so that you feel that you know what you are doing. Sign up with them, deposit some money and capitalize on the benefits derived from trading with a top tier binary options broker. Still not convinced? Visit OptionsXO Youtube to watch the personal experiences of other OptionsXO traders.

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