Expanding Your Trading Skillset During Isolation with Samuel Leach

Many people across the world are entering their eighth week of a stay-at-home order to flatten the curve of COVID-19. While stress levels may be high due to the unknown fate of jobs, public health, and the overall economy, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Samuel Leach believes we need to stay positive and continue to push ourselves toward greatness during this time of uncertainty.

Samuel Leach’s determination and drive has never faltered, even as a young boy. Samuel remembers growing up with some difficult financial constraints. Seeing his family struggle to make ends meet pushed him to succeed. His entrepreneurial venture began when he was just 16 years old, creating and selling posters on

As he entered university, he took a gamble on using a £2,000 bursary awarded to him from the school and used it to enter the FX trading market. Within 18 months, Leach had turned that £2,000 into over £170,000. Upon completing his degree at the University of Hertfordshire, Samuel started what is now a successful trading company and training platform, Samuel and Co Trading.

Samuel believes that his algorithm for success can be taught to anyone that has the passion and resolve to achieve it. He has literally written the book about it. And his Ted Talk has inspired people to capitalize on the opportunities that are available to them, whether that is in the stock market, or in pursuit of their own dream.

The mission of Samuel & Co Trading is to help as many people as possible achieve their level of wealth by trading the financial markets. Through various training programs that provide individuals with the tools to become successful stock and FX traders, that have done just that, and have no plans of stopping.

In an effort to broaden their reach, Samuel and Co Trading launched The Real Forex Series, a reality-style YouTube series where they take aspiring traders through the trenches and real-life scenarios in the world of finance trading. The Real Forex Series 2 is set to launch this month.

Right now, the entire world is going through something together that hasn’t been seen before. Countries around the world are in lockdown, desperate for answers to COVID-19, and many are wondering what to do while stuck at home. Samuel and Co Trading has seen an overwhelming increase in their training programs as people are inspired to learn a new skill and enhance their overall intellect.

Samuel believes that the best way to tackle isolation is to take your passion and turn it into multiple income streams. Samuel and his team have decided to offer a new and innovative opportunity to those interested in expanding their knowledge in the financial markets.

Samuel and Co Trading has designed weekly live lecture training led by Samuel himself. The four-week training is hosted live each Thursday at 6pm GMT and dives in to trading topics, strategies, and approaches to improving FX and stock trading knowledge and examining practical applications.

Each of the live lectures offer Q&A opportunities with Samuel and his panel of expert traders to ask questions to help fully understand the topic at hand. Samuel designed these lessons to enable all traders at all levels learn the art of financial trading. Each lesson is recorded and will be sent to participants, so if you are unable to attend the live training, you will not miss a single discussion. The live Weekly Training Lessons are offered at just £25 per lesson.

If you want to advance your knowledge of trading, Samuel & Co offers a variety of courses, including the Free Online Programme, which provides an introductory understanding to the world of stock trading.

Many of the company’s other paid courses are available online as well, which allow you to gain further knowledge into financial trading. Samuel and Co Trading also offers free instructional videos on YouTube, including The Real Forex Trader Series 1 and Series 2.

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About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach is the founder and CEO of Samuel and Co Trading, an accredited educational trading program. Leading a team of more than 60 in daily FX and stock trading actions, Leach began his career while attending University. Before graduating from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Leach turned a £2,000 investment into more than £170,000 with no professional trading experience.

Prior to founding Samuel & Co., Samuel achieved success in his role at private bank, C. Hoare & Co. as a project manager, excelling in tech solutions. Samuel launched Samuel and Co Trading in 2012 and has since become internationally recognized for its successful training program.

The company has trained over 3,000 individuals from 63 countries, providing exceptional instruction to anyone that has a passion for stocks and trading. Leach is the Director of Samuel and Co Trading and has built his trading training programs based on his own trading principles and algorithms that led to his own success within the market. He has a passion for helping others achieve their highest level of success and has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, advisor and coach, and public motivational speaker.

Samuel Leach is among the top youngest self-made millionaires in the U.K. He is a TED speaker, giving a compelling talk on “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” at a TEDx event in 2018. He published his first book, The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm in July 2019. In 2019 he and his company launched a YouTube Series called The Real Forex Trader Series 1, taking in non-experienced individuals and teaching them the ins and outs of FX and stock trading. The Real Forex Trader Series 2 will launch at the end of April.

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