Financial Twitter Feeds of 2013

magnet-moneyTwitter is not just for star-crazed teens anymore. It can actually provide a huge volume of relevant and educational information across a broad range of professional fields, including the world of finances. Twitter can be a great source of financial news, trends, and guidance for investors. We’ve checked out hundreds of “Tweeters” who dispense expert financial advice in 140 characters or fewer, and picked what we consider to be the ten best. Here is our list of the best financial Twitter feeds to follow.

Top 10 Financial Twitter Feeds of 2013

Tadas Viskanta (@abnormalreturns) is the founder of the company Abnormal Returns. He dedicates his twitter account to increasing the financial knowledge of his followers by sharing his favorite financial sources including: the financial Twitter accounts he follows, lists of the fastest growing businesses, how he manages his own finances, and current financial trends, charts, and information sites.

Chris Adams (@chrisadamsmkts) is the Markets editor for Financial Times and concentrates on providing his followers with the most up-to-date financial trends, charts, and information.

Justin Wolfers (@justinwolfers) is an Economist at Penn State. He supplies insights on how current financial conditions and information connects to academia. He is a great source for figuring out how financial events can effect every day people now and in the future.

PIMCO (@pimpco) is a global investment management firm that shares their market insights and future predictions. Their reputation makes them a leader in the financial environment and their actions and strategies are followed by many companies in their field. They can provide every day people with a feel for current market trends.

Josh Brown (@reformedbroker) is an non-traditional investment banker who provides his followers with frank, knowledgeable opinions of market events and trends.

Charlie Gasparino (@cgasparino) is a senior correspondent at Fox Business who provides a blunt take on breaking news market events. More than once, he has become breaking news with his opinions.

John Carney (@carney) is a senior editor and blogger at He strives to take fanaticism out of the financial market by providing balanced views of market trends and practices.

Ben White (@morningmoneyben) is a Wall Street reporter for Politico and conveys real-time coverage of what’s happening in that area. His financial experience ensures that the audience receives important information about important happenings.

Neil Barofsky (@neilbarofsky) is a professor at NYU Law School and former Special Inspector General for the Troubles Asset Relief Program. With his professional experience, he provides essential information and knowledgeable takes on anything having to do with the financial market and he does it with a sense of humor.

Austan Goolsbee (@austan_goolsbee) is an economist, Professor at the University of Chicago, and a former White House Advisor. His insider information and impressive educational and job experience provides his followers with an equally amazing take on the financial market.

Just like so many other things in this world, quantity does not equal quality. When selecting financial Twitter accounts to follow, Twitter users need to consider the reputation of the account holder. Highly recommended accounts are the best place to start and can be found on many well known financial sites.

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