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5 Ways to Pay your Credit Card Bill Easily

When it comes to how you can pay credit cards bills and clear your dues, the more choices you have, the easier it gets. Ensuring timely payment of your credit card bills is key to maintaining your credit score and eliminating penalty charges.

These days, issuers have a variety of offline and online credit card payment options for you to choose from. It is best for you to check your credit card issuer’s available options to clear your credit card bill payment hassle-free. Take a look at some of the most common ways through which you can clear your credit card bills, including via an ATM.

Pay at an ATM

You can now pay your credit card bills at an ATM. Simply insert your card and select the ‘Other Services’ option. Choose the bill payment option and enter your credit card number twice. After the card has been validated, you can pay the total amount or the minimum amount due, as per your convenience. The account linked to the ATM card will get debited and be credited to the credit card account.

Pay via NEFT

To avail this service, enter the payee’s name and 16-digit account number. Then enter the IFSC Code and branch location to complete the payment. Here the payee will be your credit card issuer. So, if you choose this method of bill payment, ask your issuer for their full account details. Add these details and make them a new beneficiary, so that you can transfer the bill amount on a monthly basis in just a click.

Pay through net banking

Net banking is another great method that you can use to pay your credit card bills. Even if you are travelling outside the country, all you need is your net banking ID and a stable internet connection through which you can pay your credit card bills on time. Simply select your bank, select your card type, and enter the 15- or 16-digit credit card number along with the amount you wish to pay. Then confirm your payment and enter your authorisation details. In a moment’s notice you will receive an online confirmation of your payment. You can avail the net banking facilities either through your bank’s website or mobile app.

Pay via cheque

Perhaps the most common method there is, you can also issue a cheque or demand draft towards your credit card bill payment. You must issue it in favour of your credit card issuer and write down your card number behind the cheque you are issuing. Once ready, you can deposit the cheque in a drop box or in a cheque payment machine at locations specified by your issuer. Cheque payment is an easy way of clearing your credit card bills, but when issuing the cheque, you need to ensure that your account has sufficient funds to avoid a bounce charge. This apart, you should always deposit the cheque at least 3-4 ahead of your due date. This will ensure that the cheque goes into clearing well within your due date so that your bill payment is done on time.

Pay with standing instructions

You can issue a standing instruction to your bank or set an online instruction for auto debit via your credit card account. If you choose this option, your credit card bill amount will get debited from your selected savings account automatically every billing cycle without you having to manually transfer the money. Here you can choose to clear the entire amount or pay the minimum amount due based on your financial convenience.

When applying for credit cards look out for one that packs a number of additional features and rewards so you can save more. You can also avail an emergency interest-free loan on your existing credit limit and withdraw interest-free cash from ATMs. Apart from this, you can earn rewards, cashbacks, and discounts on a range of purchases and transactions. Moreover, you can enjoy the ease of paying your dues by choosing one of the many methods of credit card bill payment. So, if you want to enjoy the powers of a SuperCard, check your pre-approved offer now and enjoy instant approval!

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