Why Trading Bitcoin in 2019 Is still Relevant

The steep price correction of Bitcoin in 2018 may have discouraged some investors. However, global trends still portray it as a popular investment asset. Thus, it becomes pivotal to analyze existing market consider and how this cryptocurrency is turning out for expert traders.

If you are also planning to enter bitcoin trading in 2019 but are scared, we present you here some of the facts that will explain to you how this trading is still relevant. This way, you can not only ensure thoughtful investment measures but also prevent yourself from any viable losses that might arise when you aren’t aware of current trends of Bitcoin.

Wall Street is going crypto

Last year, a number of big-scale ventures announced their plans to launch cryptocurrency trading offers for investors in 2019. There are expectations of more Wall Street firms to start trading Bitcoin. This will be happening initially by launching the planned, regulated crypto asset trading platforms with Bitcoin derivative.

Additionally, reports suggest an increase in the number of crypto hedge funds in 2018. This indicates more institutional money being driven by this cryptocurrency, thus making traders invest more.

Growth of Bitcoin adoption globally

Though the value of Bitcoin is going through a low, the global trends suggest a rising trend of adoption. This indicates that people’s interest has not faltered despite its price correction. Especially in the emerging markets, its adoption is witnessing a rise. This paves the way to allow small investors to jump into the trading scenario and churn out a decent amount of money.

These ever-increasing numbers show that it’s still very much relevant today in trading. South American countries like Peru, Chile, and Colombia have shown a consistent interest in this cryptocurrency since 2018. This clearly suggested how relatively smaller markets are also heading towards a journey of investing in prevalent cryptocurrency options.

It manages to surpass its all-time highs

Bitcoin has undoubtedly witnessed many ups and downs in the last ten years. It has been declared ‘dead’ over 340 times in the mainstream media. However, surprisingly enough, it has always risen up and managed to exceed its all-time highs. Thus, this gives us little reason not to believe that the same will happen again.

Even the historical price data indicates that Bitcoin is set to surpass its most recent all-time high yet again. Although, it might take a few years but the changes will certainly start reflecting within the next 12 months. This means trading measures will become more lucrative for investors who can actively watch the value of this cryptocurrency rising to new heights.

New regulations coming

It has already been made clear by financial regulators and lawmakers that they are keen on ensuring that similar rules should apply on crypto assets as Forex and equity trading. Discussions have also gone around at an international level for a regulatory framework. These attempts of formulating regulations clearly reflect a global level disruption when it comes to the attention this cryptocurrency is getting from international institutions.

The Bitcoin adopters too have understood that a regulated crypto asset market will attract more investors. This will make pension funds, mutual funds and insurance companies to invest in the asset. Thus, new regulations is good news for the investors as they will find improved reliability along with clearly chalked down laws to abide by.

New innovations coming in

There is a certain section of people who believe that in the future, Bitcoin will get replaced by a superior decentralized digital currency. However, they seem to forget the fact that Bitcoin is not static. The developers of Bitcoin keep working continually to improve the Bitcoin network, which will boost its scalability.

They are working on features like adding privacy enhancing features and enabling other advanced functionalities. The Lightning and Liquid network can be taken as a testament to its positive evolution. These upcoming innovations will not only make it safer to trade using this cryptocurrency but also ease the entire process significantly. Users are going to get enhanced functionality as these developers pay heed to what all is currently lacking and utilize technology to come up with suitable fixes.

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