Use Potcoins for Secure Transactions

potcointTo purchase products online people make use of their virtual money to make payments. In this case, one has to provide their personal details, bank information, etc, as the transaction is made through debit cards, credit cards or any other payment options. This is a risk-taking factor and you need to be very conscious about the security of the website you are purchasing it from. A little carelessness may lead to a cyber crime. This is the reason why not all individuals are comfortable purchasing online, especially if they want to buy medicinal marijuana for example. In many places, buying marijuana is banned, but there are some websites that sell it legally. No matter how secure the site would be, you may still not be comfortable to provide your detail information for purchasing marijuana online. In this state, Potcoins plays a vital role. It is a form of virtual money, but stands out to be unique.

Pot coins are specially designed for the transaction that takes place in cannabis community. With its help, any person can buy marijuana online, without any fear. They do not need to provide any detail about themselves and stay anonymous. There are several benefits that it provides. Some of them are:

  • 1. It is credible and offers full security to the user, as the identity is kept hidden.
  • 2. There is no centralised bank that would keep a check on your purchase.
  • 3. It is acceptable in almost all the countries irrespective of their currencies, and you are saved from money conversion issues.
  • 4. As there are no conversion issues, and is acceptable in different countries, every person pays equal amount, no matter what is their country's currency rate.

The process to use it is very easy and completely web based. Pot coin wallet is software that one needs to download in their system, as the pot coins are transacted through it. It can be downloaded and installed on any smart device, such as laptops, computers or smart phones. The users can also make use of paper wallets. The wallet is a client program that carries a unique registration number and address of the users. This registered number and the address is utilized in sending and receiving the potcoin.

The wallet is installed on the hard drive, and you never know when it gets crash. So in order to be on safer side take a back up of it. One must at least have two or three backups; the safest is the online dives, so make sure that you have one saved over it. It deals with money, and no one would like it loose it out of their carelessness. This is why backup is the option that has to be taken in to serious consideration to secure your wallet.

The software is available to download on various websites. You need to make good search on the web and download it from a secure and credible site such as potcoinjoint. There are several of them, so take time to read more about it and increase your knowledge about pot coins. This will help in making the right choice.

If you have any questions, please ask below!