You Don’t Need Good Looks Or Luck To Have A Successful Music Career

music-notes-pianoHow often do you hear the people around you claiming that in order to have a successful music career one needs to be handsome/sexy and lucky? Tom Hess, former guitarist of HolyHell and Rhapsody of Fire is adamant that the reality is far removed from what people say. He insists that most people who are not involved in the professional music business often have misconceptions about what success requires. For proof, Tom Hess has been coaching many people on how to make a stable living by teaching music to others.

The Real Requirements For A Successful Career In Music

These requirements are not connected to your music. Tom Hess said that most people mistakenly believe that great musicians are great because they make great music. What usually happens is that successful musicians are successful because they possess other skills that are not music-related. First, successful musicians have high-level communications skill. That is why they are able to create reliable, long-lasting relationships with people who keep hiring them or referring them to other music-related jobs. They also understand the nature of the music industry and adapt to the changing trends instead of stubbornly insisting that they are simply “misunderstood”. They never stop learning and investing in themselves because they understand that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Just as trends keep changing, they constantly reshape and adapt themselves to stay relevant. Through his online lessons, Tom Hess has been helping aspiring musicians as well as music teachers realize and achieve their full potential.

Harmonious Sounds Create Positive Reviews

One of Tom Hess’ clients from France, Chris Martins, credits Tom Hess’ ‘Music Careers Mentoring Program’ for letting him see the real deal about the music industry. “I had misconceptions about the music business which were totally lifted through the Music Careers Mentoring Program. It was a mind opening experience.” He added, “I had many challenges, and I was struggling to have long term goals. I was struggling to implement things, have a career path designed. Everything was much more difficult, because I was missing a lot of the insider information you get through the program. You get to learn a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t even think was relevant. I am now a fill time professional musician. I can pay my bills, eat, dress, all through music! My life looks totally different now.”

Tom Hess Music Background and Career

Tom Hess joined the band HolyHell in 2004 and joined them on their 2005 tour, where the band played with Black Sabbath, Epica and Nightwish. The band also participated in the Earthshaker’s Festival in Germany as well as the Masters of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic. He decided to form his own band, HESS with his brother Scott in 1994. They released two albums which were sold in more than 26 countries. Tom Hess joined Rhapsody of Fire in 2011 and was responsible for all the rhythm guitar and solo parts of the band’s album “From Chaos to Eternity”.

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