Working from Home: The New Normal No One was ready for

The world has come to a halt. Markets sealed, malls shut and corporations struggling; the current situation highlight how unprepared people and organizations for unexpected events.

Ever since the global spread of COVID-19, organizations across the world are opting for measures that help them keep their employees productive and their business unhindered.

Every crisis requires creative solutions, but the current situation that we’re all doomed to face for the next who knows how many months, requires the mindset of a wizard.

It’s unclear as to by when the entire world will win this war against the Pandemic. With more than 2 million cases globally, COVID-19 has shaken the biggest countries in the world, to their core.

Social distancing has been imposed and thus, offices that were once brimming with employees pacing around frantically, have been advised to keep their doors closed, until the situation improves. Gladly, the corporations that were once deemed rigid in terms of cutting some slack for their employees have given in. Now, thanks to our high-speed internet connections, these organizations have embraced the idea of making their employees work remotely.

Reputed organizations such as Microsoft and Google are among the most prominent ones to instruct their full-time employees to work from home. Let’s face it, if it wouldn’t have been for our internet connections, what chaos the world would have been in.

Working from Home – The Frivolous That Rose

A couple of months ago, organizations looked down at the idea of working from home and were lenient with remote working only to a certain extent. Leniency was only shown in the case an employee was too ill to commute. Even if employees did work from home, a feeling of uncertainty always loomed at the back of their heads; a feeling of getting fired anytime.

However, things are different now. Organizations have revised the ‘Work from Home’ clauses in their company’s policies. Who knew that showing up to work would actually become an estranged practice and working in PJ mode would become the real deal? This is just another thing that highlights the bizarreness of 2020.

Company policies that we mentioned a while back, have posed a great demand for video conferencing software. Google, Microsoft, and Zoom stand prominent in providing free versions of their video conferencing software to employees who need to stay connected with their employers, during work hours. If we talk about Microsoft, in China only, the tech-giant experienced a whopping 500% increase in the number of calls and meetings taking place over its video conferencing software. Besides China, even the USA saw a 50% increase in video and audio meetings, which stood on 37% just a week before.

Meanwhile, Italy too saw a rise in the usage of Google Hangouts Meet and Classroom, all to ensure that the new work from home trend meets with as minimum bottlenecks in the way, as possible. The credit for the rise in these apps downloads definitely goes to the social distancing practice that has picked up its pace lately.

When the trend of working from home started, there were speculations employees’ productivity. Some assumed that there’ll be an increase in productivity, while some assumed a decrease. Some studies showed a notable spike in the productivity of employees who work from home, while some studies also highlighted that stress-levels of remotely working employees decreased too.

The tech industry is reaping the most benefits of supporting a full-fledge work-from-home protocol. The tech industry is known for the flexibility it possesses when it comes to telecommuting. Tech companies surely know how to make use of the latest technology to ensure that working from home happens effortlessly.

The reason why tech companies are probably afloat in terms of remote working is because all of their work is mostly digital. Employees of such organizations only need a computer and a reliable internet connection at hand, and they can meet deadlines of their tasks, extremely effortlessly, irrespective of their location,

Ideal Bandwidths That Make Working Remotely a Breeze

The inevitably crucial thing to successfully work from home is an internet connection. Settling for a meager internet connection in times like these can backfire. Therefore, make sure that the internet connection you’re using is from a reliable provider.

Speculations are that the work-from-home protocols will be followed by organizations across the world for weeks and can even stretch over many months. Since you’ll be working from home for an unknown period, it is advised that you know the ideal bandwidths that are best for you to make sure that every task of yours meets with its deadline, without any bottlenecks in the way.

So, let’s jump right to what bandwidths will turn you into a dedicated employee even if you are working from home.

  • At the bandwidth of 0.5 Mbps, you can send and download emails, and make good quality audio calls. Video calls are also possible however, the quality might appear to be spotty.
  • Then comes 1.5 Mbps. With this, you can make high-definition video calls and stream videos in low-definition.
  • With the bandwidth of 2.0 Mbps, the quality of individual video calls seemingly improves and group video calls will also turn out to be less spotty.
  • For 5.0 Mbps and higher, you can download hefty files, make HD video calls and stream HD videos, without any lagging or buffering.

Besides this, be sure to check with your ISP for upload speeds you’re getting in your internet package. Make sure your upload speeds are of a minimum of 2 Mbps if your work requires you to upload emails frequently and entails a lot of videoconferencing.

One more thing that you can do to make sure that your work-from-home experience happens effortlessly is to ensure that your work internet is separate from your home internet. Employees often make the mistake of using their household internet connection for work, due to which their internet acts up at the time of making important video and audio calls. Thus, if you want to make sure that your work-related tasks happen swiftly and your productivity remains unhindered, then keep your Wi-Fi credentials hidden from other members in your family and tell them to use the designated household internet only.

Our Abridged Narrative

We just can’t help but thank our lucky stars in heaven for computers and internet connections, for if it wasn’t for these two, we wouldn’t have been able to work from the comfort of our homes, especially in unprecedented times like these.

Being socially distant and staying in isolation was feared to be a productivity crusher. However, the fact that our time at home is salvaged by remote working, who would’ve thought that once deemed unimportant, the practice of Working From Home will turn out to be nothing less than a knight in a shining armor?

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