Why Social Entrepreneurship or Service to the Public can be a Great Career Move

Social EntrepreneurshipYou may want to choose a career in public service or directly participate in improving other people's lives and the environment at large. You could do this by pursuing a career in a non-profit organization that could be either governmental or non-governmental.

Whatever your reasons for serving the public, especially if without direct financial gain, it doesn't have to be for absolute philanthropic reasons, some of the reasons could be strategic for your own gain.

Either way, the scenarios below will give you a better picture of why you would want to have a career in serving the public.

You want to have a better understanding of your options

If you are not sure what career path you want to follow, a good way to find out would be to involve yourself with an activity that could open your eyes to what is actually going on in the world and in society.

The good thing about this choice is that you will either decide what you want to do, don't want to do or what you want to contribute to society in your own unique way.

Some of the things you could choose to do include volunteer teaching, or working for a charity organization or maybe even the police or army. Be creative and let others know what you can contribute in order to make their lives easier.

You want to get rid of your student loans faster, while contributing to others

Most governments that provide student loans also provide a way, especially through public service, that the student can contribute and hence waive fees or get their loan amount reduced.

This practice is even mandatory in some careers like medicine and military work. What most people don't know is that governments have similar programs for all students who have accrued student loans.

If you are pursuing a top notch distance MBA and want to spend your time in a productive and social venture while pursuing further education, this can help you get all your student debt in control, contribute to society and get further education.

You are grateful for all your blessings and now want to give back

There are many different scenarios that you could find yourself in. These include:

  • You could be middle aged and have realized that you have had a great career so far and have made more money that you will need for a lifetime
  • Or maybe you realize that you are the 20% in society that has it good and want more people to join this elite group
  • Or maybe you are just bored with your current day to day and want to do something that you feel is more meaningful and impactful to society.
  • Maybe you feel that you can better utilize your leadership skills by improving society through public service

Whatever your reasons are, contributing to society can be very fulfilling and is noble. You should be brave enough to pursue it. Most great men in society have actually sacrificed their own interest for that of the greater good, and if you feel that you are called to do so, there is always a need for people like you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!