Why PR Jobs Seem to Attract the Larger Bunch of MBA Pass Outs?

PR-TEAMThere was a time when doctors and engineers were considered well employed but then came the era of MBA. While most candidates looked for a marketing, sales and HR profile, the best of the lot hunt for a PR position. There have been several reasons behind this development. Lets' find out why.

For most candidates, MBA jobs today mean marketing and sales. With colleges sprouting up at every end of the street and the number of applicants increasing, the value of having an MBA degree has gone sown to a significant extent. The best of the profiles aim for PR jobs, hoping for a financially healthy, exciting and dynamic working environment.

Imagine having a career that not only pays you well but also lets you use creativity and out of the box thinking. We are talking about a PR profile. Public relations is at the core of every industry and with increasing impact of media and government on businesses, PR people are the most sought after executives. There are challenges to be faced, reasons to be made, but the job sure is exciting. PR has been a buzzword for a long time now and there are several responsibilities that it takes care of. Public relations can help reach out a audience and is highly inexpensive when compared with traditional marketing and advertising processes. Today, there is a definite way to put things - be it good, be it bad. A PR person is the representative of the company and is responsible in handling all human elements associated with the growth, success and failure of the company. As a result PR people get the highest respect and are kept in the best salary segment. Why so?

The advantages of a good PR

  • An economical way to penetrate target markets
  • Strengthens the perception, brand image and face value of a company
  • Simulates awareness for the company's products and services
  • Keeps the business above competition
  • Paints an innovative and active image of the brand
  • Communicates with the external environment in a way that the integrity of the business is upheld

The company finds reasons enough to pay PR people more than other MBA recruits. As one can understand, a well run PR program carries multiple benefits that effects all other management of the company, be it marketing, sales, HR, finance or logistics.

The challenges that a PR desk brings

MBA is all about learning to manage different aspects of a company and it has been rightly said that the most important and crucial asset of a company are its human elements - both internal and external. For a PR person, challenges may come up in the most unique ways and this is where the excitement to be at the desk is encouraged. Common problems that PR people handle are:

  • How to make an event "happening" and invite in the maximum number of guests
  • How to make a movie a blockbuster hit even before it has been released
  • How to be a bestseller
  • How to persuade people into recognizing and feel excited about a new product
  • How to win maximum votes in elections
  • How to get the maximum in donations and charity
  • How to inspire people to invest in a company
  • How to tackle an emergency situation wherein the credibility of a company is at stake
  • How to facilitate the best public image
  • How to keep the media interested in the company (in a good way of course!)

As one can see, the opportunities of a PR person is not just limited to traditional companies but they can play a determinant role in any field or industry they want - movie industry, politics, charity, etc. there are few career profiles that are this diverse and opportunistic. Candidates say that there is a great satisfaction when you are in a PR position. May be that's the reason we see so many MBA candidates applying to new PR jobs. There is something new to look forward to every day and work gets passionate. Part of the thrill of the job is being the revered "insider" and getting / making the story!

As long as one has the desire, a PR desk can be quite fulfilling a profile. This desk gives one the advantage of guarantee but calls for the skills and the determination.

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