What are the basic qualities of a good court reporter?

court reporterCourt reporting as a career is very lucrative. That is why numerous individuals are pursuing this career. However, not all qualify to handle the duties of court reporting. This work is very sensitive and it needs a competent person. To employ these experts, focus on their skills. That will unveil their proficiency in managing this task. Hence, know the qualities of an impeccable court reporting expert.


These professionals are supposed to have stronger concentration skills. The main work of the county court reporter is to record all the conversations in court. Every word spoken in court has an impact on the case. Thus, the professional needs to capture every detail pertaining to the cases. The specialists need concentration to successfully carry out their duties. They should not be easily distracted.


The professionals ought to have a good grammar. Their records must make sense to those that will be reading them. Apparently, their documents will be used for the legal process. Thus, it must show how the court proceedings were carried out. The expert must be able to write sensible sentences. Spelling mistakes should not be tolerated. They can change the meaning of a statement.

Typing speed

The expert needs to have a very high typing speed. During the court proceedings, the statements made by the involved parties cannot be reversed. Thus, missing several statements due to slow speed cannot be tolerated. A slow court reporter will leave out numerous important statements. Thus, having a high speed in typing is extremely advantageous. The expert will cover the entire court proceedings.

Legal terms

Since the work of these specialists is in the court setting, they need to know some of the legal terms. The lawyers and the judges might use certain professional terms in court. The professional handling the reporting work must understand those terms. Apart from that he/she must know the spelling of those terms. That will empower the specialists to write meaningful reports.


The expert needs to be very punctual whenever he/she is in duty. Every court case needs to be recorded in writing. This reporting is beneficial for reference. The county court reporter needs to be present before the proceedings begin. In fact, it is prudent for the professional to reach the court much earlier. This will give him/her enough time to prepare for the duties of the day.


During business hours, most proceedings will be done in the courts. However, the expert can be forced to cover cases in other regions. The nature of this job demands flexibility. They can be taken to any location to report the proceedings. Thus, it is imperative for them to be ready to work in any location. Flexibility enhances the value of the specialists in this career.


The professional must be mature when managing himself while working. Some of the cases might be very irritating. An emotional person might react. A good court reporter should be mature enough to control his/her emotions. Emotions can tamper with his concentration. Aptitude to control his/her emotions will prevent the expert from messing with the reports.


The experts ought to understand the information they type in court is very sensitive. Some of the testimonies are not supposed to be shared. Everything regarding the court cases ought to be kept secret. Thus, the professional needs to be very confidential. The confidentiality of the professional is crucial in protecting the interests of witnesses.


The best reporter is supposed to remain neutral. He/she should not favour either the defendant or the plaintiff. The expert should not engage in sharing his/her sentiments regarding the case. Being neutral will enable the expert to record information without bias. This will ensure that justice is served by the court.

Organizational skills

The professional is supposed to be well organized. Court reporting task is quite overwhelming. The experts have huge workload and it is time bound. Great organizational skills will enable the expert to enact and accomplish his schedule. These skills are beneficial in arranging his/her reports.

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