Top Things Today’s Job Seekers Look for in a Company

The job marketplace can be every bit as competitive for employers as it is for job candidates. As businesses look for ways to attract talented professionals, they must put themselves into the minds of job applicants and figure out how their company can stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, they should recognize the major elements job seekers consider when evaluating a potential employer.

Compensation and Benefits

Routinely topping the list of important factors job seekers look for in a company are compensation and benefits. Most job candidates would like the position’s salary range readily presented by the company they are considering, and businesses should be willing to have salary conversations up front. Although discussing salary with potential job candidates has been a controversial topic in the past, the landscape is changing, and job applicants are increasingly seeking transparency.

Moreover, many professionals are looking for companies that offer good benefits for key items such as healthcare. They often prioritize these items over smaller things like employee discounts or schedule flexibility. Even if a business cannot offer a particularly high salary, a good benefits package may make up for it. At the end of the day, applicants need to feel that they will get enough out of a company to make it worth their time. Being open about salary and benefits is a good way to establish trust from the very beginning.

Work Environment

Anyone who has ever worked in a negative company culture knows how much it can affect daily experiences on the job. A good company culture means more than just having regular office parties and a nice break room. Although office perks are certainly a draw for job seekers, one of the best ways employers can improve company culture is by fostering a sense of teamwork.

Job seekers want an environment where everyone can put forth their best work, and employers should have the same goal. A workplace that operates as a team will typically have several advantages including, better lines of communication, increased productivity, and the improved mental health of its employees.

Individual Growth

Most job seekers are searching for a position that keeps them engaged and helps them grow professionally. A company will draw more talent if it demonstrates a willingness to help its employees learn new skills, tackle complex problems, and take on leadership roles.

This professional development does not necessarily need to come only from promotions. While employees certainly still desire the opportunity to move upward, they also benefit from having the chance to move laterally around the organization. Working across different groups allows workers to expand their network, broaden their range of expertise, and discover their strengths. A business that hopes to attract and maintain dedicated employees must give them ample space to continue to improve themselves.

Job searches are a two-way street where employers and job seekers can vet one another in search of a good fit. In order to stay competitive in this process, it is important for an organization to highlight the benefits that it can offer employees. This will provide an advantage in creating a skilled and diverse pool of applicants when hiring time comes.

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