Top Employers for Engineers in 2014

With the dawn of 2014, there is new hope for those who are seeking employment opportunities, especially in the engineering sector. If you have been dreaming of getting handsome pay packages and unmatched perks, then try seeking an engineering job at one of the best companies in this industry. The following is a list of companies that one may join after securing an engineering degree from a reputed college.


NASA isn't just about astronauts; it is also about engineers, technicians and IT specialists. Careers at NASA can be categorized into different sets, one of which is –Professional, Engineering and Scientific. This category constitutes 60% of the company's total positions. To work here, one requires specialized knowledge in science, engineering and mathematics, depending on what position you apply for. Engineering departments include Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering and General Engineering. According to research firm Universum, nearly 19.4% undergraduate engineering students chose this company as their dream employer last year.


Google has always been focused towards engineering. The search engine giant hires professionals with technical skills who are prepared to handle some of the greatest technology challenges, but then the remuneration is highly attractive! Google needs engineers for many of its operations, be it Chrome, AdWords, YouTube or Android. Aspirants who possess an engineering degree can try their luck in Google's Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Network Engineering or Technical Infrastructure departments. About 18.5% undergraduate engineering students selected this company as their dream employer last year.

The Boeing Company

This Seattle-based multinational corporation designs and manufactures fixed-wing aircrafts, rotorcrafts, satellites and rockets. It also offers product support and leasing services. For engineers, there is a vast pool of opportunities provided by Boeing. One can look for vacancies in departments like Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Flight Engineering and Industrial Engineering. The company has presence in over 70 nations and was the ideal choice of 16.6% undergraduate engineering students last year.


Apple is known to pay its software and hardware engineers handsomely, sometimes even more than the rest of its staff. Its hardware engineering department includes work on the iPod, Mac, iPad and iPhone, while the software engineering department includes work on this sector's largest breakthroughs including iOS and Mac OS X operating systems, Safari, QuickTime, FaceTime, iPhoto and iTunes. The number of engineering graduates voting for this company as their dream employer accounted for 13.4%.


This Redmond-based American MNC is one of the most popular companies to develop, manufacture, license, support and sell personal computers, software for computers, consumer electronics and related services. It offers diverse jobs for engineers, including work under categories like build engineers, international project engineering and location, and software development engineer. Around 13.1% undergraduate engineering students chose this company as their dream employer last year.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is an aerospace, security, defense and advanced technology enterprise with global interests. It has operations in five core segments, namely Aeronautics, Missile and Fire Control, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Space Systems and Mission Systems and Training. The company's engineering departments include aeronautical, electrical and mechanical engineering. The percentage of engineering graduates who opted for this group as their dream employer accounts for 11.4%.

General Electric

Connecticut-based General Electric (GE) is a multinational conglomerate corporation operating in 4 divisions, including Energy, Technology Infrastructure and Industrial. In 2011, the company was ranked as the 26th-biggest firm in the U.S.A by gross revenue among the Fortune 500. It was also touted as the 14th most profitable company. Those seeking jobs with GE can apply to their Engineering Technology department. Around 8.6% students chose GE as their dream company in 2013.

Other attractive companies where engineers can seek excellent job opportunities in 2014 are –

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