Top 5 Reasons to Quit the Job

How do I know when it’s time for me to quit my job? This is a question that has crossed the minds of millions of people. Many ask this question for different reasons ranging from being frustrated at work to the desire to follow after their dreams and hobbies. While you can quit your job at the toss of a coin, you shouldn’t. You need to understand the exact reason you’re quitting and what you are seeking for. The other important thing you should think about is what you can replace your job with and where the income to take from. Read the article to find out how to answer the main questions about quitting your job and what to replace it with.

Unproductive Work Entertainment

The foremost reason to quit the job is when you are forced to work in an unproductive or toxic work environment. The goal of working is to be productive but certain work climates might end up leaving you far from your best, drained, and uninspired. If you have a difficult office environment and can’t seem to get along with your bosses and colleagues despite making repeated attempts, you might need to start looking at other options. While it might take a while to get adjusted to new work environments and there is a need to be a team player, a toxic corporate system is not where you want to be. If you have noticed a culture of terrible work ethics, unprofessionalism, lack of diversity and inclusion, bias against gender or race, then you certainly have a toxic workplace. High performers often get overlooked and unrecognized, terrible work records and underproduction are the order of the day and everyone seems fine.

While the level of toxicity might vary from mild to really bad, any work environment where you cannot function at your best is a place you need to avoid like a plague. Mediocrity rubs off and if you choose to adapt to production levels that are below par, it might greatly hamper your career growth. Once you have attempted every method in the book to up your productivity and all to no avail, you may need to make the decision to quit the job.

New Career Opportunities

It is not uncommon to find individuals become tired and uninspired by their current career path with many seeking out new career trajectories within the same industry or sometimes, a completely different career. There are numerous reasons for this. It’s possible you feel your current career path is not challenging and you can’t fully express your ingenuity and gifts or the peak is rather not high enough.

Seeking out new career opportunities is a very good reason to quit the job. It is perfectly okay to quit a corporate job for what you find exciting and fulfilling. Some people may end up being bored doing the same tasks repeatedly for years with no end in sight; others may find the demands of their current jobs rather draining. It’s difficult to be effective at doing what you consider drag and if you find yourself in this niche, it is time to spread your wings and fly away from that job.

If you are considering a similar career within the same industry, you need to get all the necessary information to aid a smooth career switch. If your plans are somewhat distant from your current career path, you would find that following your dreams can be more rewarding. Though it may cost you both time and money in the interim, it’s easier to be productive doing what you love.

Professional Advancement

For almost every job in the 21st century, there is a trail to follow. There is a career path or ladder to climb. Oftentimes, these paths involve milestones that are only achievable through personal and professional development. You can’t hope to get more corporate responsibilities with the same professional qualifications that you started with. You would have found out it does not work that way. Unfortunately, some organizations make it impossible to develop yourself professionally.

Some do this through intentional policies that ensure you don’t get study breaks or that do not recognize any professional development you may have done on the job. Either way, any workplace that limits your professional development is where you want to quit. Your bid to get better might lead you to get additional qualifications, perhaps go for further degrees. If progressing in your career lane is in direct contradiction with your office rules, you need to understand that growing in your career is what makes you relevant and supersedes your staying put. It’s no secret that employers like people who are focused, goal-oriented, and proactive enough to seek out opportunities to progress in their careers. Professional advancement means you become more valuable and your paychecks get fatter. If this is not possible where you work, you might want to consider quitting that job.

Better Working Conditions

Life is in phases and what was once convenient might no longer be. A typical 9-5 job might have been suitable when you were starting out. But if you have additional personal responsibilities that make such working hours difficult, you might want to go for jobs that allow you to be flexible with your time. It is important to note that proper time management is a hallmark of an effective employee but certain things such as raising a budding family might require you to quit the job for better working conditions.

A number of things can change your schedule and rather than slug it out till you are worn out and the work-life balance becomes nonexistent, you need to call it to quit fast. Asides from timing, wages are also an important working condition. We all deserve to earn wages that are at par with our skills and experience. If you are underpaid than the average for your skill range, it may mean that you are underemployed and you need to seek out better job opportunities. Getting a fair wage for your productivity is your right and you shouldn’t accept any less. Regardless of the conditions, you need to improve for enhanced productivity, be it time, wages, working tools or safety mechanisms, it is a legitimate reason to quit where you can’t get it.

No, for a better comparison, let’s take a look at the main differences between good and bad working conditions:

ProductivityIncreased Personal and Overall ProductivityLoss of Motivation and productivity
FeelingJob SatisfactionPoor Mental Focus
StatementImproved MoraleFatigue and Anxieties
RelationshipsImproved Worker Safety and HealthFrequent Conflicts
HealthCalmness and happinessSleep Deprivation

Personal Goals

Another good reason to quit the job is when it does not align with your long-term goals. As individuals we sometimes find ourselves thinking about what the future holds, and most importantly, what we want to do in that future. It is possible to have goals that your current employment does not fit with. Perhaps, you would love to do a lot of travelling over the next couple of years and you can’t work your present job remotely, then you need to be on the lookout for a more suitable job.

A plan is only as good as the steps you take in achieving it. Your long-term goals and your job does not have to be at loggerheads. If they are, it means you are not ready to see those goals fulfilled. There are jobs that are in tandem with your goals, you just need to search it out and go for it. Your goals are a legitimate reason to quit any job that stands in its way. Remember you are the captain of your life and you turn it in whatever direction you choose with your actions or inactions. Also remember that nothing beats looking back, decades from now and beaming with smiles that you laid out plans and nailed every one of them.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Job

If you are about to quit a job, you should think about the way to get income. The best way is to turn your hobby into a professional activity or to think about what hobby is better to gain right now to become profitable with it later. For example, many people have already refused from working on general work, as they have a good income from gambling. In fact, responsible gambling can be fun and some people are fond of free slots with bonus offers, while others prefer to use promotions to play for real money and get good rewards. To start with, it is a better option for you to get into gambling for free and only after being experienced enough, try your luck with money-playing slots. But don’t hurry up to quit your job, until you count all winnings and losses and figure out that your income is good enough for you to lose your salary.


If you find yourself acquainted with these reasons, then you need to start tidying up your workspace. You are not much longer for that job. Asides from these, there are other circumstances that might make quitting the job the best option. Personal or professional reasons such as failing health, family emergencies, company merger, or restructuring are also good reasons to consider changing jobs. Taking the decision to quit a job can be a daunting one, especially if you have a family and siblings that you take care of. The decision is not one to be taken lightly and you should understand that it might take a while before you land a position in your preferred career path or dream working conditions.

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