Top 10 Resume Writing Tips that May Change Your Life

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of having a good resume. If you are reading this, you know that it’s true. After all, your resume is your chance to change your life for better. The only problem is that most job position openings receive numerous good applications and resumes, many of which are not even read by real people. Thus, if you want to pass the automation process and make a favorable impression on a prospective employer, your resume should be not just good – it should stand out amongst all others. The secret is that there are certain rules you need to know before applying for the desired position. Check out the following resume writing tips that are sure to give you the best possible chance of capturing the potential employer’s attention.


Resume writing tips

  1. Properly structure your resume.

Any academic or business writing professional will tell you how important it is to properly structure the paper. If you have ever asked for qualified dissertation help online, you know what it means. In case of resume, it is crucial to use bulleted short sentences with the main selling points.

  1. Underline your strength.

Since employers and recruiters spend only 10-20 seconds to review a resume, you need to highlight your strength and strong points effectively, but in a concise way. Make sure you present all your skills and experiences using as few words as possible.

  1. Use negative space.

Keep in mind that readers mostly pay attention to open areas, so to use negative space (or white space) that contains nothing is important. Thereby, instead of trying to fill the page with excessive content, use the spacing between the elements for easier and faster scanning of your resume.

  1. Be specific.

If you can include any specific information or examples in your resume, do it. However, since you should keep it concise, don’t use words when possible. Replace them with appropriate signs and characters (e.g. #, $, %, etc.).

  1. Support your objective.

Most employers are not interested in reading any irrelevant points, including your personal information that does not identify you as a valuable employee, so make sure your resume supports your objective. Besides, you should always be positive in everything you write.

  1. Include keywords.

Most likely, your resume will be scanned electronically, so it is of utmost importance to use appropriate keywords that fully fit the position you are applying for. For example, these may include developed, coordinated, organized, engineered, reduced, launched, and other active verbs.

  1. Customize your resume.

Don’t think that a good generic resume can help you get your dream job. If you want to impress the employer, you need to create a custom one that completely matches their needs. Carefully read the job description and its requirements to understand what skills and expertise they are looking for. Find the appropriate keywords and customize your resume.

  1. Format your resume.

Please note, a good resume does not exceed one page. You can shorten it using different styles, fonts, and sizes. However, if your field requires certain technical skills or a full list of experiences, you can make a two-page resume, but don’t forget to keep it focused on your key selling points.

  1. Take care of networking.

Include in your resume as many important business contacts as possible. These may include respected people you worked with, your previous employers, sales representatives you dealt with, etc. Chances are it will increase your odds of earning a closer look to your candidacy.

  1. Get a fresh pair of eyes.

Once your resume is complete, ask your friend or family member to review it. Let them express their opinion and take any comments into consideration. This will help you revise your resume and make it more impressive to a potential employer.

No matter how well qualified are you. If you don’t present yourself well in your resume you may loose a job opportunity you deserved. Therefore get some resume writing services today.

Apply these simple writing tips to compose a resume that stands out from the crowd. However, don’t forget to tailor it for both, those who pay attention to every detail and those who read for speed. Good luck!

If you have any questions, please ask below!