The Big Impact of Career Guidance on your Career

Have a chat about ‘nothing’? Many people do not want the use of it. They think that this makes them less intelligent or interesting. You only have in-depth discussions during meetings, on the work floor, and in interviews. But is that really so? Some people are not talkers by nature and therefore skip career guidance. Waste of time! Or is not it? Discover here the big impact of career guidance on your career and read our tips for better career guidance.

Why career guidance is important!

If you find career guidance difficult, it can be worthwhile paying more attention to this. It is a good way to break the ice; there you can benefit greatly in your career. Conversations suddenly become a lot easier and you expand your network more easily. Who knows, maybe your new employer is there? Or will it help you, as an entrepreneur, to close that deal of your life! Learning to have Airier conversation brings you the following benefits:

  • Provides a relaxed atmosphere
  • You learn to know more people more quickly
  • You get to know each other better
  • Others feel at ease with you
  • Provides stronger social and professional contacts
  • Easily find mutual interests

Career guidance within your career

These benefits can be used well within your career to find a new job faster, for example, or to get a better and better position within your company. But not only that; it also ensures that you feel more comfortable at work because you have a better contact with colleagues, managers, customers or suppliers. Are you an independent entrepreneur? Then feeding these kinds of conversations is even more important; customers and clients must have confidence in you. For that, they first have to have a good picture of you.

Career guidance in practice

There are a lot of moments that you can use to make an airy conversation. Think of moments when you’re waiting in the company canteen, at the printer or the coffee machine. Also at the start of an important conversation, it is smart to break the ice with a bit of career guidance; for an appraisal interview, a job interview or a conversation about your employment conditions. Do not underestimate the conversations during lunch break, at a company party or during company outings. During these occasions, you make new contacts or strengthen contacts that you can help in the future.

Is career guidance still difficult?

Not everyone is proficient in having smooth conversations. This is especially true for introverted people. Often they are afraid to say something crazy or uninteresting. With some practice and some tips, you can be better at it.

What should I talk about?
About everything and nothing! Cut the obvious subjects: the weather, work, sports. Is that nice? Then talk about what you really occupy; hobbies, your next vacation, your children. Or tell a short anecdote about what happened to you this morning. To keep your conversation going, you can ask questions to your conversation partner. ‘How was your day?’ or ‘What would you do if …?’ ‘Or’ Have you ever experienced that …? ‘

Learn from others
You probably know people in your environment or at work who are good at career guidance. Observe how they do this; how do they behave, what do they say, how do they appeal to others, how do the conversations go? Go experiment with this behavior!

Do you find it difficult to start with at work? Or do you have a job interview shortly? Practice at the bakery, waiting in the queue at the cash desk or speak to your neighbor! This way you can practice very effectively in practice. After that, it will also become a lot easier at work or when applying for jobs!

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