Starting a Career in the Food and Drink Industry

canned-productsEverybody needs food to survive but many of us take it that step further and feel truly passionate about what we eat and drink. It is these people among st us - the ones who value good quality ingredients and marvel at a beautifully presented dish - that make the ideal candidates to work within the food and drink industry. Though the sector has enjoyed much success, it has also become a crowded market and so knowing how to get started is invaluable if you want your career in catering to have longevity.

Make informed decisions

The food and drink industry is a vast area of business with many different avenues to explore. It is easy to know you want to work with food but do you want to work in fine dining, bake bespoke cakes or otherwise? With over 310,000 companies operating within the industry in Europe alone, it is vital you have a clear understanding of what is available and which route you are most suited to.

This is also important when starting your own company. Researching what areas are already covered and what your local clientele want will help ensure your business achieves success. If, for example, there are already three Italian restaurants in your neighborhood and you know people are crying out for a French equivalent, this could be your opportunity.

Get the right credentials

Be it food science or catering, studying for a certificate or degree in a relevant area can be very useful to help you find work. Attending catering college or training under a professional chef can also be a great way to not only gain the skills and know-how to be able to work in the food and drink industry but also earn you the qualifications that will appeal to potential employers.

Make a plan

Whether you are starting your own catering business or want to work for someone else, having a plan and clear goals for your career can help you make important decisions about your next steps and remain motivated in an industry that requires a lot of patience and hard work.

Find your niche

If starting your own business, you need to know what it is about your product that makes it unique. Unoriginal ideas that have been seen time and time again will simply fade into obscurity. If you want a product, restaurant or catering service that will survive the test of time, identify what market sector or area of interest is not being satisfied and capitalise on the opportunity of being the first and only business to do so. Whatever it may be that sets you apart from the rest, you simply must stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the industry.


To enjoy success within the food and drink business, having the right contacts is crucial; the importance of reliable suppliers and loyal clients should never be underestimated. Networking also allows you to make future steps towards advancing your career when the time comes to move on to bigger and better things. Consulting industry experts when looking for suitable food jobs can take the leg work out of this task by providing a meeting place for employers and employees within all relevant sectors.

This post was written by Focus Management Consultants. They are a UK based recruitment organisation who provide help and advice on various important aspects of working within the food and drink industry and how to go about finding your ideal job.

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