7 Great Ideas to Celebrate your Retirement in Extravagant Style

rererIt’s finally happened. You’ve reached the magic age where you can take retirement. Of course, the occasion needs to be celebrated with friends, family and work colleagues – but how best to organise the event?

Here, Dakota Murphey, working alongside professional party organisers Arabian Tents, offer 7 great ideas to get you started on planning an extravagant retirement party.

  1. I’ve got a little list

A successful retirement party relies a lot on your how your guests mingle and gel as a group of party-goers, so your guest list is vitally important. You’ll want to make sure that everyone who should be there is there. Spend some time drawing up a list of friends and family and co-workers (past and present. When you’re done, send the invitations out in good time – 3 months before the event at least.

  1. Back to the 1970s

Look back to the time when you first started work. 1970 wasn’t it? Yup, that’s right, it feels like a hundred years ago! So, why not ask everyone to dress up in 70s style? It’s fun way to set the tone of the party. How about searching for news articles from that year, print them out and place them on the tables, or hang them on the walls. Of course, you should also have music from that period, and perhaps even have giant number balloons of that year hanging just inside the entrance.

  1. Tropical vacation

This is an easy theme to incorporate into your retirement party. The men wear Hawaiian shirts, or dress as Magnum P.I., and the ladies come in Hawaiian attire. You can serve tropical drinks and cocktails, decorate your venue with palm trees, sand and balloons. As your guests arrive they can be presented with a colourful Hawaiian lei. You could even make these yourself – learn how to here and here.

  1. Permanent vacation

Take the vacation theme one step further and make it permanent. Hobbies such as fishing, golf, snorkelling, or just relaxing on the beach can be incorporated. You might like to include a photo booth with a palm tree backdrop and suitable props, and invite your guests to take funny pictures. You’ll be left with an amazing ‘retirement album’ of all your friends and colleagues.

  1. The Best is Yet to Come

Why look back when you can look forward? Hang a big, bold, banner with the words ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ over the entrance while playing the iconic Frank Sinatra song as you arrive at the venue. Ask your guests to create a ‘Best is Yet to Come’ bucket list to give you plenty or ideas for how to keep occupied during the coming years.

  1. Where to celebrate?

Whether you choose to hire a venue or host your retirement party at home, it’s got to be spectacular. If you opt for a retirement event at home, hiring a marquee for your garden will enable you to create the perfect entertaining space for all your guests. And instead of a bland marquee, how about hiring a fabulously decadent Arabian tent and kit it out in exotic style?

  1. Table and room decorations

A party is not quite the same without balloons and paper decorations. For that wow factor, why not get some extra-large metallic balloons (sold by the letter) spelling out the words ‘Congrats’, ‘Hooray’, ‘You’re Old’, or ‘Pensioner’.

Brightly coloured paper peonies look great hanging from a ceiling or from light fixtures and they brighten up any room. Gold glitter banners are sophisticated and stylish and will add sparkle to your tables.

If you have any questions, please ask below!