Pre-Employment Assessment and Job Application at Walmart

frfeqrgqerIf you are looking around for job opportunity at Walmart, then you may have to fill the job application depending on the nature of the job you require. You also have to complete the assessment test to see what position can be most suitable for you at the Walmart.

Pre employment assessment and Job Application at Walmart

If you want to apply for a job at Walmart then you can apply online at Hiring Kiosk or Hiring center for any Walmart store or Click here for more details. You have the convenience to submit the application in Spanish as well as English language.

Before you apply with your Job application you may have to respond first to employment statements at the Walmart. You may have to agree upon having your drug screening test, background verification test and acknowledge that all information provided by you will be true. If any information provided by you is incorrect then Walmart has the rights to disqualify your Job application. In case you are employed with Walmart then they may also have the right to terminate your employment.

How to register for your applicant account?

To get started with Walmart job application and Pre-employment assessment test you have to open up your applicant account. If you have an already existing account then you can get started by simply logging on to your account. If not, then you may have to open up a new account. When opening your new account you also have to provide with your social security number for security reasons.

Filling in your Job Application details

  • You can withhold or provide with your ethnic group or gender information.
  • Next you will have to confirm if you are willing to get your US citizenship verified or if you are already eligible for doing a job in the US.
  • You also have to make the selection of your job preference from Walmart transportation and distribution center, Sam’s club or at the retail store. You also have to select your preferred city of work and then make the selection of your preferred facility or store.
  • It is important for you to provide with your contact details including your phone number, name, valid ID and address.
  • You also have to provide with your availability schedule.
  • Next you have to provide with two references.
  • Applicants also need to provide with history of their past employment – dates worked and employers name – for past ten years.
  • Details of your qualifications and skills have to be provided along with details of languages you speak fluently.

Employment Questionnaire for Walmart job application

The Walmart questionnaire section will request the applicants to provide with their valid age. Besides, candidates also have to disclose any conviction they are facing with including criminal act, fraud and felony. Applicants also have to provide the details of the number of hours they are available during the day and week days. If you are also willing to work during weekends then it has to be mentioned. Apart from this more flexibility is offered as you have the convenience of working full time or part time basis.

Applicants have to provide with complete details regarding their highest level of education completed. In case you are still completing your education then your minimum expected pay scale should be mentioned. Applicants will have to provide with more details of their past employer so HR dept can contact for verifications.

Pre assessment test at Walmart

This is divided into four sections with an overall of 65 questions.

Section 1 – In this section you have to answer simple questions related to employee and customer relations. With this section it is certain that the employees want to see how well you can handle your conflicts with customers. You may come across questions including conflicts with customers, co-workers, complaints and way to deal with aggressive customers. This is a multiple option section and your selection only has to be made from the options provided.

Section 2 – In this section you have to answer to queries related to your work environment and your responses to various types of situations. You may have to make selection from one of the four options provided – Most, very, somewhat ineffective or effective situation. This may be related to scheduling your job time with other co-workers when dealing with difficult employees.

You may also have to provide with your point of views on questions related to completion of your work or being the best at your work.

Section 3 – This section is related to providing your point of views and rating related to your behavior, personal decisions, ethic at work, and moral issues. Your selection has to be made from one of the options provided amongst some what or strongly agree or disagree.

Section 4 – This section is related to your past job experience including work environment, sacrifice done by you and your discipline at your work place.

Model questions

  • If you co-workers disagree on some point and if one of the co worker is from your same department as yours then what steps would you take to take control of them?
  • In case any customer has made a third complaint regarding the same issue then what would you do? Request him that you will handle it, or will you tell them that the person you spoke to regarding the issue will handle it or would you request the customer to wait while you speak to the related department and see why the issue has not been taken care of till now.
  • If one of your co-worker is always late, while others are on time and may be complaining abut the issue then would you speak to your co worker to come to job on time, or will you inform your superiors about the issue in a staff meeting or will you give your point of view on the effect it is having on other coworkers?
  • When completing your job at the work place do you often finish on time without cross checking it? Do you ensure that you have sufficient time for cross checking it?

Pre-employment test results

In case you did not manage to pass the logistic or pre-employment test then you can reappear after two months. In case you have preferred to apply for supervisor job post and yet did not pass the test then you may not be able to reappear till next 6 months.

If you have any questions, please ask below!