Most Popular Freelance Jobs where You Can Earn Lots of Money

freelancing-jobsSo, you've decided to move into the world of freelancing in order to increase your income as well as change for the better the balance of your lifestyle and job satisfaction etc.

Well, the good news is that it is certainly possible!

Here are five jobs which traditionally are amongst some of the more lucrative areas of freelancing.

  1. Photography

This is sometimes taken to mean exclusively studio work with babies or weddings and christenings etc.

In fact, today it is far more diverse and can involve things such as working for various media outlets - perhaps even achieving the status of becoming one of the paparazzi!

Of course, you will need to be professional, have the right equipment and produce quality results. You might also need to develop the knack of being in the right place at the right time.

Make sure you (and your photography kit) are adequately insured from a reputable company such as Aon*. Being insured will give your customers peace of mind and also provide a positive impression that you are professional.

That, of course, is a piece of general advice that applies to all of the following freelance activity areas.

  1. Web development

Even though the internet has now been around for a long time, its use continues to grow at a phenomenal rate across most industry sectors.

The result is that there are lots of opportunities out there for skilled site developers and programmers who have background experience in a number of different technical areas.

Not only do many organizations look favorably upon freelancers in this area but it is also one of those rare opportunities, even today, for freelancers to spend significant amounts of time working from home.

  1. Technical support (IT)

It can be extremely expensive for a company to employ highly-qualified technicians to do little other than to sit around waiting for a problem to happen so that they can spring into action to fix it.

There are therefore numbers of freelance opportunities for people with skills in things such as networking and operating systems, to offer emergency response type services to companies in dire trouble.

Of course, you will typically need to have transport and be prepared to re-act quickly out-of-hours in certain circumstances but the rewards can be very attractive.

  1. Graphic design

This is another growing area driven partly by the never-ending demand for advertising and internet growth but also by high-tech areas covering things such as 3-D laser engraving and 3-D printing.

Although the very expensive and high-tech devices necessary to produce such output are typically found in the larger organisations, nevertheless, the digital design capabilities required to drive them are a potentially attractive area for many freelancers.

Once again, this might also offer the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time working from home.

  1. Medical support staff of various types

The United Kingdom's National Health Service is rarely out of the news for many positive and occasionally negative reasons.

Almost inevitably, budgetary pressures on the service appear likely to continue to be predictable for the years ahead. Agency and freelance staff already form a significant part of the provision of health services in the United Kingdom and it seems likely as if this sector will continue to grow.



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