Makeup Artists and the Various Job Opportunities for Them

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They consider the faces of people as their canvas. They consider their "magic touch" and knowledge when it comes to the mediums they use as their investments. Their all-around body of work makes them one of the most sought-after professionals in the beauty industry. Such is the work of makeup artists; the ones who are adept at using cosmetic products in an effort to creatively improve the appearance of individuals. Exposed to a wide variety of job opportunities, graduates of make up courses can work not just in salons, but also in many industries where beauty and enhancement is of utmost importance.

The various job opportunities open for makeup artists

Make up courses alumni's job opportunities are generally wide-ranging. In fact, they can be categorized into two. On one hand, there are the cosmetic or fashion makeup artists. They are the ones who work in a makeup store and test out various makeup applications on interested clients. They are also the ones who work in the realm of fashion; helping models look their best before they walk the runway or pose in front of a camera in a photo shoot for a magazine. Usually, makeup artists under this category are aware of the concepts involving the emphasis on the facial features of their subjects. With at least basic knowledge when it comes to lighting and effects, they can help bring out the best of their subjects' appearance.

On the other hand, there are the theatrical or film makeup artists. They are like the previous category of makeup artists, especially when it comes to having at least basic knowledge of the concepts of lighting and other factors that would help emphasize their subjects' enhanced appearance. However, the bulk of their work mainly involves working in the realm of the performing arts. In other words, their subjects are mainly actors for theater or film. These types of makeup artists possess an even higher level of artistry because they can make young-looking actors look older and vice versa. Tapping into their creative imagination, they can create science fiction, fantasy, or macabre characters. Indeed, their body of work is quite more challenging than the previous category of makeup artists.

Aside from working in theater and/or film productions, fashion shows, and photographic shoots, here are the other job opportunities that are available for makeup artists:

  • Makeup artists in bridal salons. They provide more than just wedding gowns or tuxedos. Some even provide other services for clients, including makeup for the bride. Indeed, individuals with knowledge in cosmetic artistry can take advantage of such a job opportunity in the wedding industry.
  • Makeup artists in the newsroom. News anchors and field reporters in morning or evening news television broadcasts need to look their best before they go live in front of the camera and deliver the news of the day. In recorded journalism shows, they also need to look their best during pre-production before delivering their spiels. Indeed, cosmetic makeup artists can definitely take advantage of such job opportunities in the news arm of TV networks.
  • Makeup artists in amusement parks. Yes, even amusement parks hire makeup artists. Of course, in these areas where mascots rule, there are also those who perform their stuff while wearing tremendous amounts of makeup on their faces and parts of their body. Makeup artists under the theater or film category do these behind the scenes work.
  • Makeup artists in morgues. Makeup artists are also known to work with the families' deceased loved ones. Funeral homes or mortuaries hire them to beautify the facial features of the deceased in order to make them presentable before placing them in coffins at the wake. Attending a program in mortuary science is a must to become a professional makeup artist.

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